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  1. Kazet

    Parties management

    Hi there, Some feedback on an aspect of the game that takes me a lot of micro-managing time in the late game: parties management. I always end up doing a lot of troops transfer between my main party and my clan parties and garrisons. I want to take advantage of perks like "Raise the Meek" or...
  2. Luizfabbr99

    BL Other Current Campaign Map Limitations 1.6.+

    What are the current Campaign map limitations? Like limits on settlements. Agents spawned.(if it works like the battle map 2048+ agents, the game will crash) New settlements types, is it possible to create? (I imagine like a tribal settlement, it would work like a town, but with low defenses...
  3. Immersive Clans

    Couldn't think of a better name and decided to go the skyrim route. My idea is simple, currently there are 2 paths to victory 1. National Hero, you rise through the ranks and lead your people to victory 2. Unifyer, through dogged determination you bring the numerous lords under your control but...
  4. Toggle parties ability to join AI army/ allow you to call your clan parties from AI armies without disbanding whole thing.

    It feels like every time a war breaks out the AI has either already called a giant peacetime army for no real reason, or they call armies so fast you're left with scraps/nothing. It's not such a big deal when they're calling other clans to their armies, but it's particularly irksome when your...
  5. anv0rgu3so

    Why do parties now cost aroud 2k

    I tried to send my companions to look for recruits, 1st I thought it was some bug with the brother (who doesnt even move in sieges). But then I sent another companion with low levels and it costs around 1950, the same moment I just send her. Is this a bug?
  6. FiftyTifty

    PartyTemplates.xml - Nested OR operator

    Currently, there is no way to pick between multiple entries. Instead, you have a % chance to spawn a troop in a party, with no actual flow control. To add variety, we need an OR operator for the XML. For example: <MBPartyTemplate id="sea_raiders_boss_party_template" > <stacks>...

    In Progress Not beeing able to see some Lists of Parties

    Summary: My Armies are so big that I cant read which troups are in it or how quick they move usw. same for wages and other stuff. How to Reproduce: look at a big Parties on the Map with many diffrent kind of Troups and it will go from the top of your Screen to the bottom of you screen and still...
  8. Resolved Parties 4/4 stuck

    Ok so when you get followers to create a new party and they die. Well you can get new follower but but the UI thinks its still there as a party leader. Now I got me and 1 party follower but the game thinks I got 4/4. Is there a way to fix it ? I cannot provide screen shot cause I got now idea...
  9. Clan Parties Control Please

    Hello, I love the game, i really do. Honestly though, ive taken a break after logging 217 hours. The reason behind that is I'm simply waiting for one specific game changing aspect to be implemented. I cant be the only person who wants the ability to command parties that are ran by my companion...
  10. frozenpainter

    WB Coding Remove Party Templates

    How can I remove a party templates on world map with module_triggers? Not in dialogs (remove_party, "$g_encountered_party"), just working in module_dialogs. I used (remove_party, "pt_army_1"), but this working for parties ,
  11. Zenci Musa

    Hangi Yoldaşları Yeni Partiye Atamalıyım

    Selamun arkadaşlar şu anda kendi partimin dışında 2 parti daha oluşturabiliyorum hangi yetenekleri yüksek olan bir yoldaş atamalıyım?
  12. vikingfun

    Please Fix Companion armies keep replacing high ranking troops for looters

    I give to my companion armies the best cavalry and infantry troops to fight in my army but they keep releasing them for looters, recruits and peasants
  13. Impossible to move forward?

    So I played over 100 hours with Bannerlord. I chosed my own kingdom in the main quest against the empire which now seems suicide. Even though just the Southern Empire remained and the other two was eliminated completely after the Conspiracy quest ended Im really strugling cause Southern Empire...
  14. TheShermanator

    Proposal: Limited Intra-Clan Party Instructions

    While I appreciate the realism of not being able to micromanage clan parties perfectly, I do think you should be able to give certain general instructions. Possible Examples: Raid [Enemy Region(s) X] Raid [All Enemy Regions] near [Friendly Region X] Defend/Patrol [Friendly Region(s) X] maybe...
  15. FistOPain

    Resolved Cant interact with anything, cities, villages, parties

    Hey, ive come across a realy annoying bug. After a siege i won i couldnt enter the caste i just sieged. First i thought its because there already were too many parties in this castle (was the last sturgian castle with over 1000 troops and 15 or so parties). But after i tried out the near city...
  16. BL Coding Hardcoded bandit party limit of 3 stacks

    Obviously nowhere to report this as a problem, just gonna chuck this in the pile of Q&A. Anyway, anything in the party template beyond the 3rd stack is ignored. MobileParty.cs private void FillPartyStacks(PartyTemplateObject pt, PartyTypeEnum partyType, int troopNumberLimit = -1)...
  17. AlperAga

    Lords spawning with troops after defeat ruins the game

    When a lord is defeated, once he respawns on the map, he comes with free troops. I guess this was the way to fix the snowball effect we had before, and has been well discussed in this reddit thread But this implementation totally ruins the game. I'm trying to create my kingdom by taking the...
  18. Other Lord's parties at "0" (100% wounded)

    Hey, This keeps happening in my current playthrough. About 30% of the lords I come by (friends, enemies or neutral parties) have these 0(1) healthy with like 100+ wounded walking around the map and never recovering. When I tried to attack the enemy parties with this weird glitch it wouldnt let...
  19. Can you set specific targets for parties?

    I want to make parties for my companions while I’m just building up my garrisons, but these idiots go and raid villages of my enemies and get caught. So I lose ALL 86 troops and I have to wait until they escape imprisonment. It’s really freaking annoying, especially since I only give them my top...
  20. Need More Info Parties stuck in recruitment and desertion cycle with large number of wounded

    Summary: Parties in the player's clan are repeatedly losing troops to desertion. The majority of the troops in the armies are wounded despite little to no combat activity in the area. Parties will recruit from villages frequently, only to lose the troops to desertion. Clan had two roaming...
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