1. Resolved Constant crashing especially on saving

    Summary: My game constantly crashes every 2-4 saves while saving there are several other crashes but honestly i could live with them but the saving issue keeps me from playing btw i have to put only 1 version below but i tried it on all the versions using steams beta options How to Reproduce...
  2. Short_n_quick

    Would you use XML modification tool with GUI?

    Hi, I am thinking about creating program that would be a tool simplifying mod creation for non-coders, so that there would be lower entry level for small mod creation for BL and help developing other mods that would introduce a lot of new entities to the game, by enabling for bulk changes...
  3. Why no more animation mods in the warband?

    Warband has been around for 11 years, but there are few animation mods. Why?
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