1. Ishapar

    Recovered MBRepository Files

    It's a real shame that the old mbrepository is now down. I was able to retrieve a couple of the files from the repository and reupload them onto moddb. OSP M&B Hair Models: https://www.moddb.com/games/mount-blade-warband/addons/mb-osp-hair-models OSP Helmets pack...
  2. Ishapar

    OSP Hair file

    I am not sure if this is the place to ask, so please correct me. With the closing of the mbrepository,, I cannot download the rar file for the OSP hairs. I have tried to use the Wayback machine, and while I was able to download some other older files, I could not access the page that...
  3. dariel

    OSP Fantasy 3D Art Warlords of Azhrann Sword and Planet Pack

    Hi all! Releasing an OSP pack of armors, helmets, weapons (including rayguns) and some reptilianized mounts from my mod Warlords of Azhrann. You're free to use these assets in any non-commercial mod, no need to ask permission just give me credit as 'dariel' or 'drakharios'. Get the pack at...
  4. Sultan Berkuk

    WB Coding How to do dynamic renaming?

    [/spoiler] Hi guys. I'm working on an advanced headquarters system. I want to change the name of the headquarters whenever I want. But I don't know how to do it. In some modes, we can change the city/fortress names by changing the "Rename Kingdom" codes in our game. I tried to do this but...
  5. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Leviathan Axe (from God of War) [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm very proud to announce my new OSP--my attempt at recreating the Leviathan Axe from God of War! The idea is to have a two-handed battle axe that can be used as a throwing weapon with the following features: 1. Melee cuts and a ranged splash AOE will cause a 'frost' status...
  6. Yagababa

    OSP Code Combat Soulfire Arrows w/ DOT [WSE]

    Hey everyone, I'm proud to announce my first OSP! There's a lot of flaming arrow projects on the Forge, but I wasn't really satisfied w/ the results I was getting--so I went and made a new one. I've created a solid system in WFaS with the new WSE build (shoutout @K700) that combines a couple...
  7. Azremen

    OSP Code QoL Day and Night Cycle

    Hello fellow modders! I have managed to make a day and night cycle in a mission for scenes. Here is my work. It is free for use and no need to credit me as an author. It is designed to work in multiplayer but you can change it a little bit to a single player design. Note: If you want...
  8. migdeu19

    Antiquity OSP 3D Art Near East and North Africa, 2112BC & 612

    Hello all, I'm posting my first OSP here. Materials are all from in-development mods ANCESTORS 2112BC and TFLS 612BC, feel free to use them, the only requeriment will be to credit the author or one of the mods above. After that some there are some textures without models, a few models without...
  9. Dekkers

    OSP Medieval 2D Art Early 15th Century Historical Banners Pack (plus custom banners)

    Hi, I was working on a mod called Twilight of Chivalry, but due it likely not seeing the light of day I have decided to release the banners I made for said mod publicly. Here they are, all of them are free to be used in any way you like, but please be so kind as to credit me. The vast majority...
  10. OSP Code Campaign Perfect Trade. Best buy/sell Report

    Hi everybody, This OSP can serve as a cheat, or for testing purposes, or for an "easy mode" exploration, or just for fun, why not (this is a game, right? :xf-wink: ). This implements a report that lists the best towns to buy and sell any item. For each item, it searches for the cheapest place...
  11. OSP Code QoL Sorting Troops for M&B Warband

    Hi everybody, As the title says, this OSP implements some basic sorting for Warband. Now you can sort by troop level, faction or class (infantry, archer, any custom class, etc.), and even combine a few of them. This is very useful for when you have all kinds of troops and just want some order...
  12. WB 3D Art Searching for meshes and textures for my mod

    Which meshes and textures exactly am I permitted to borrow from the modding community? I'm working on my mod and I've come to the phase of creating items. I have native models of course, but that's not quite enough for my mod, while 3D modelling is not my forte, so I can't really create my own...
  13. Johny_Nawalony

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Slavic Zischagge Helmet

    An early medieval slavic helmet model based on the Gorzuchy finding they're pretty shoddy tbh but I'm sure someone's going to find a use for them credit me and link this thread when you use these Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/os376l91d2vo8fv/Johny%2527s_Zischagge.rar/file
  14. Pitch

    OSP Code MP Collection of Scripts & Examples with Server/Client Communication.

    Simple scripts but it might give you idea how to use server events. I will try to update this thread later, add more examples and scripts. Notice: You need general knowledge of M&B module system. header_common.py multiplayer_event_data_client = 123 ## pick your own...
  15. Johny_Nawalony

    Dark Ages LSP 2D Art Main Menu and Loadscreen art

    1920x1080 res Original public domain art by XIX and XX century Scandinavian artists including Halfdan Egedius and Erik Werenskiold Use it however you want Original sources of the files: http://www.nordicimage.com/index.php?cat=16 https://snl.no/lendmann Download ~...
  16. Dalion

    OSP Code QoL Particle Preview Presentation

    Is the description really necessary? Warband doesn't provide any ways to preview particles before using, so I made my own. IMPORTANT NOTE: I strongly advise not putting it in combat missions! Here's why: - since this presentation doesn't have prsntf_read_only flag, it disables your ability...
  17. Dalion

    OSP Code QoL Dark Souls Reference Pack

    This thread will contain all DS references I made. If I make more in the future, they will be added here as well. As of now, we have: Enjoy!
  18. Firates

    Native OSP Scenes Arena Remastered version for Bannerlord

    Download Link: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2263 About Map: The legendary map "Arena", which we all get used to and in our hearts, is now on bannerlord.I made an updated version of the warband arena that I had done before, working with new versions. This version is...
  19. SupaNinjaMan

    Native OSP Shaders Warband HLSL Shader Exchange

    Warband HLSL Shader Exchange [OSP] HLSL is a rough language to learn, especially if you aren't familiar with C-based languages, but with enough patience and willpower it's a really rewarding and fairly underutilized area of modding. Getting Start with Shaders: Read First: Swyter's...
  20. Pyranha

    OSP Medieval 3D Art Spearheads

    Made these(and a few others, also included) for a Bannerlord-unrelated project. Feel free to use them. Material included in the .7zip https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m2JskcC45FYHYyqJhAlcumngd7LZbXmM/view?usp=sharing
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