1. Keimpe

    Need More Info From tactical view to actual battle i cannot use mouse or give orders

    Summary: From troop deployment i press ready, but cannot mouselook or give orders, or attack. I was helping an army. You can see the mousepointer. How to Reproduce: No idea Have you used cheats and if so which:no Scene Name (if related):battlefield Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs...
  2. CaptainFracas

    F2 + F8 should be a taggable order (here is a demo of why)

    The order F2 + F8 (Squatter) should be a taggable order like F4 (Hold fire/Fire at will) or F5 (Dismount/Mount). This will allow the players to use the Squatter mechanic with other formations then the line. Apically with the loose formation. I explain everything in this video:
  3. Lornloth00

    Opposing Parties' Orders are Audible

    For immersion it would be good if the player can hear and see the enemy yelling at their troops on the battle field just like in captain mode in multiplayer. It would be very realistic just like in real life.
  4. Circle of Death Stupidity. Give player control after knockout.

    Lets be blunt here. The battle AI is really really stupid. I'm pretty sure it doesn't check the current state of the battle. They're either "offensive" if they had an advantage at the start of the battle, or "defensive" if they didn't. The problem is the "defensive" tactics are really really...
  5. tulduru

    command keybindings

    Hi, I play this game since early access release and I love it (832 hours) I tried singleplayer but I mainly play multiplayer. Loved captain mode and siege. Last year we had -in my opinion- perfect command keybindings, for captain mode (and obviously for SP too). Then they have been pretty much...
  6. Fell

    Give orders to parties (Lords, companions)

    I don't remember anymore if this was present in vanilla warband or was implemented or else further improved through a mod. As marshal, you could give Lords orders: patrol here, raid here, besiege that and so on. And when a Lord didn't have any orders, he would raid/patrol/manage his troops &...
  7. niekdegrijze

    Explanation on how the different unit formation groupings affect the AI?

    Does anybody have a list of how different formations(unit groupings 1 -8 ) react to all the orders? there is a difference in how infantry or archers react to "charge" or "advance". with "advance" being preferable. Is there also a difference in AI behavior for groupings 5 to 8? (heavy...
  8. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.0] Horse Archers have difficulty navigating around enemies.

    Summary: When ordering horse archers to charge (F1-F3) or advance (F1-F4), they are noticeably worse at maintaining separation than in prior versions. More units will ride through the enemy rather than around them. It appears to be related to the fact that they are switching to their swords at...
  9. Norseman13

    Locking troops into a formation

    I've been searching on how to control troops but can't find the answer to my question. Is there a way to say place my infantry in a shield wall, my archers at some distance behind in a loose formation, my cavalry on the flank and lock that formation together. 90% of the time the enemy just sits...
  10. Improve grand strategy

    Playing so far, i believe the worst part of the game is the grand strategy. I'm not expecting something at the level of crusader kings, but there are a few things that really broke immersion. Here a list of fix/suggestion: Since i joined the Aserai kingdom, they are constantly at war, and with...
  11. Weapon usage orders for troops

    I don't remember fully how it was in Warband, was a really long time ago I played it but I think there were options for what weapons they should use. I remember blunt weapons use, hold fire, weapons at will but maybe that was it? However I do remember some mod adding actual weapon specific...
  12. How do I order my troops to use specific siege equipment?

    Hey guys, How can I order part of my troops (a squad, or all of them) to use only battering ram or only siege tower, while ignoring other siege equipment? I want to move in through one side of the castle (sometimes braking the gate). But if I order "charge" they run off towards ladders without...
  13. Captain_Octavius

    SP Native Party AI Overhaul and Commands

    Adds giving advanced orders to your Clan parties on the campaign map. Makes the AI more likely to conquer and less likely to raid the lands that share their culture. Causes all hostile Vassals who like/hate you to target your properties less/more respectively. Description After you order a Clan...
  14. units still ignore pre battle siege orders

    as the title says any orders or setup you do before a siege battle starts are still completely disregarded making manual siege defense an impossible nightmare with the units just running around placing themselves in terrible spots and even forming into new groups...
  15. uwagaDDe

    orders of the formation

    Hi When in a battle you surrender a detachment to AI control and then take it back, they do not form the formation correctly. You give them a command to make a circle or wall of shields, then they simply group in a square and stand. Simply put, do not listen to the orders of the formation.
  16. [SUGGESTION] Commands and Orders

    Hi all, I been playing and would be nice if we could command people in our clan when they have a party. Simple commands like: Patrol this fief (castle/towns) and it's towns. Raid this fief (chose target) Start recruitment (till he/she fills it's party) Defense this fief (Harrison in castle /...
  17. Make companion parties visible wherever they are (and give orders?).

    I feel like there should be advantages to having your own companions as party leaders, instead of them just turning into generic lords for your faction. I would like to be able to keep tabs on them and watch what they're up to on the map. Consider it reports on their activity and what they're...
  18. iazlur

    When player giving multiple orders to troops, have the sound stopped

    The suggestion is a waiting line for each sound have to be sayed by the player when he is giving multiple orders in a little time line. I mean it's not realistic to see troops are understanding what they have to do without earing at all. So, when the player spam the orders, the character will...
  19. toxidom


    My skirmishers are not skirmishing. Anyone know how to make them?
  20. Viranto

    Does the army charge random or do i something wrong?

    When i fight together with my lord, i can decide which unit typ i control. I often take the cavalry. At first i give them the order "follow me". Then when i are on the flank on the enemy, i give the order "charge". But it looks like they don't charge in my line of sight. It looks they don't...
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