1. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Previous and Save buttons in random selections

    Add a previous and save button when randomizing a character or other random option choosing.
  2. Holy Shift

    I Have Some Weird Feeling with Upward Blocks and Attacks

    Attacks and blocks upwards taking a lil much to move mouse in heat of fight. For a short resolve; you can make blocks and attacks more sensitive to mouse movements.Maybe you can consider allowing players to choose attack and block sensivity via an option.
  3. Holy Shift

    Let Us Set Strat, Field Battle, Siege, Arena Music Volumes Seperatly

  4. Holy Shift

    Let 'Enter Settlement' Option Pop Up After Successful Siege.

    just like we enter other places with armies in other stuations.
  5. Holy Shift

    Let Us Change Block Direction by Holding and Dragging

    instead of releasing and clicking again via an option.
  6. andycott

    Hideout difficulty. A possible solution, both if you like or hate them. Detailed.

    💪 I suggest an option to choose hideout difficulty, so everyone will be happy, both who hate hideouts and who think that everything is fine. One of the most important things is that these options won't change the balance of the game, because the number of bandits remains the same by default on...
  7. Can't give myself a fief in my own Kingdom

    After many won sieges I still can't give myself a fief. There are only option to give the settlement for other clans. I have over 1200 influence and rank 4 clan(I have one town and two castles). Tried winnning alone didn't helped. Some clans that are available already have fiefs. Restarted few...
  8. Tsewe

    Encounters and Dialogue screens

    Let me be clear: Dialogue screens, especially for looters and bandits, are totally useless. The only options you have is to say "Surrender or Die" or "'I'l leave you alone". The problem is, it adds more loading screens for no good reason, except maybe laugh at those ugly looter faces. The game...
  9. Any option to turn off party financial support?

    I startet creating a second party for my clan and noticed that I suddenly have to pay "financial support" in addition to the new party´s wages. I figured "heh, gonna go away after a few days, probably just to help them out". Lo and behold, after draining ~1000-1600 denars from me every day for...
  10. Tsewe

    About "Auto Allocate Clan Member Perks"

    So, I started my game with this option UNTICKED. To my understanding, it means I had disabled this option. Which also means I should be able to allocate my companions' perks manually. But I can't. I've tried to tick the option box, but nothing seems to change. I don't know if it's a bug? Has...
  11. Colorblind mode for Bannerlord

    Hello dear people, After research there was no discussion about a colorblind mode for Bannerlord...so let me raise the flag of the colorbinds united. We NEED a colorblind mode for this game :/ For exemple, I cant tell the difference between red and green death during a battle. So I've got NO...
  12. Unresolved mount and blade war band : native hosting with LAN

    Hello , we playing mount and blade with LAN and there is no problem with connection we just want to know how can i change my troops like i have 20 soldiers and i want 5 horseman and 15 archer i cant handle it how can i set it. Is there any option for this?or its need to download something TY for...
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