1. WB 2D Art Textures won't load on mesh

    This is how my mesh looks like on BRF and should look like ingame. In the actual game though, the item looks completely white, obviously losing all of the textures that it should had. What causes game to not load those textures? (My resource pack is used by module.ini, and every other item that...
  2. WB 3D Art Help with Meshes

    Greetings! I Need some help with my new Items. So I had an Idea for making a Custom Face Female (Pretty Female) a little bit....Different I replaced her body in skins.txt I added my items in item_kinds1.txt I add .bfs -s in Resources I added them in module.ini But when I see my armor in...
  3. WB 3D Art Different armor shininess in openbrf and blender

    I found armor looks much better in openbrf than in blender. What settings can I change in blender to mimic the appearance in openbrf? I checked, it's not about direction/intensity of light or anything like that. (I used all diffuse, normal map, and specular map. The spec map is set to...
  4. frozenpainter

    WB 3D Art Horse Size

    When I increase size of elephant(increase size in openbrf) rider get inside, how can i move the man higher ?
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