1. Lt_Nicolas

    (question) Resizing ships collisions

    (Yes, I searched the forums and I didn't find anything regarding tweaking ships models. Not that I have found, at least) Hello there! As an avid tinker, I was messing with OpenBRF and ships. I bumped into some problems when messing with collisions I'm trying to downscale a snekkja to try and...
  2. Swyter

    OpenBRF Redux — A de-rusted, bug-fixed version of the tool

    This is a de-rusted version of Marco Tarini's OpenBRF tool for modding Mount&Blade 1.011 and Warband; it comes with bug fixes and enhancements. Download and change log here: The idea is to keep the program well-maintained, develop it openly, and...
  3. [NEED HELP] Why my material is working in blender but not in OpenBrf?

    Hello there, I started having fun with modding M&B recently and I try to follow all available tutorials regarding 'proper' modding. I cannot find though anywhere why my mesh made in Blender looks fine, but when imported to openBRF, it has single colour all over instead of prepared material. If...
  4. Models appear white

  5. Helmet morphs to face, nose guard won't stay rigid as it is in openBRF

    I have been trying to stop this issue with this one helmet in a mod. The nose guard on the helmet bends to the characters face, seeming to bend inward or outward to the noses position. The rest of the helmet seems to stay completely rigid. I've tried skinning and discarding skinning in openBRF...
  6. Texture not found in OpenBrf

    I think I have everything set up correctly but I'm not sure if I understand the way this works. All I know that's working for sure is that the mesh is properly referenced in the module.ini file and well implemented into the module system. The game works and the model shows up in game yet its all...
  7. Ishapar

    Missing Hair Texture

    I have been trying to recover some of the hair models from the OSP Hair resource that had disappeared due to mbrepository shutting down. I have been able to find most of the models in one of the published mods on Nexus, and have tried to put them into a new "moddershair" brf file. I have...
  8. shar_N

    Helmets deforming with facial expression

    As the title says, some helmets in the mod I am playing will deform with the facial expression of the wearer, so I'll see full helmets with squinting eyeslots for example. Is there some way to fix the helmets so that they are rigid the way they appear in Open BRF?
  9. Textures won't load on mesh

    This is how my mesh looks like on BRF and should look like ingame. In the actual game though, the item looks completely white, obviously losing all of the textures that it should had. What causes game to not load those textures? (My resource pack is used by module.ini, and every other item that...
  10. Help with Meshes

    Greetings! I Need some help with my new Items. So I had an Idea for making a Custom Face Female (Pretty Female) a little bit....Different I replaced her body in skins.txt I added my items in item_kinds1.txt I add .bfs -s in Resources I added them in module.ini But when I see my armor in...
  11. Different armor shininess in openbrf and blender

    I found armor looks much better in openbrf than in blender. What settings can I change in blender to mimic the appearance in openbrf? I checked, it's not about direction/intensity of light or anything like that. (I used all diffuse, normal map, and specular map. The spec map is set to...
  12. frozenpainter

    Horse Size

    When I increase size of elephant(increase size in openbrf) rider get inside, how can i move the man higher ?
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