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  1. safe

    EU Native Battle Open European Groupfighting Tournament [2v2]

    European Groupfighting Tournament Taking the opportunity of ongoing native tournament and therefore some small activity increase on the competitive scene we've decided to try to host a groupfighting tourney. Having in mind all the issues with the previous 3v3 tournament and community suggestions...
  2. Eagle'

    TR One-Handed Düello Turnuvası [Kazanan: Titan]

    Eagle' ve yetkili ekibin siz değerli oyuncular için düzenlemiş olduğu "TR Duel Tournaments" etkinliklerinin ilkini tanıtmaktan onur duyuyoruz. Düello şeklinde olacak bu etkinliklerden birincisinin konsepti "Tek elli kılıçlar" olacaktır. Tüm katılımcılara şimdiden başarılar. - Turnuva formatı...
  3. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Perks for ignoring enemy armor and stacking them.

    I tried to test them but I have no real scientific results and today I can't even load the saves. ? Can Vandal stack with other skills, its says attacks but does not specify Two Handed Attacks or Melee Attacks or Ranged Attacks. Two Handed - Vandal 225 Your attacks ignore 25% of enemy's armor...
  4. 1h Swords with longer hilts should have a 2h mode, shorter hilts should have better handling

    At the risk of poking the infernal and septic hornet's nest that is historical sword typology in games and fantasy, I've noticed that several 1 handed swords (such as the arming swords) have longer handles with room enough for a second hand. Because they have the extra space, I propose that they...
  5. RichardtheCat

    One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, How about Double Handed Swords?

    In-game we've one-handed and two-handed swords/weapons but why we are not able to use two different one-handed swords at the same time? As I know this is historically acquired as well. One-handed and two-handed weapons have their separated skill tree and perks. So, as far as I understand devs...
  6. Holy Shift

    Basher Perk Doesnt Match Deflect Perk with Formation Bonus

    Their personal effects are equal. But formation bonus of Deflect gives %2 attack speed and %4 damage approximately (with my weak calculation) to one handed weapons in all stuations. Basher formation bonus gives -%4 malee damage taken only in shield wall which is currently next to useless and...
  7. Holy Shift

    Oh Wait. No Head Hit Bonus for One Handed Weapons?

    Am i wrong? I got a feeling that there is not head hit bonus specially for blunt weapons.
  8. MinhTien

    Can we get a hotfix for the broken high-level 1h and 2h perks please?

    Reddit video link It's ridiculous. I'm pretty sure this just need a value change, why is nothing being done about it?
  9. Rycon Caldestan

    Perks w/Secondary Info: Change to Bullet Points

    Just a quick thought to decrease visual clutter: please consider listing perk effects with bullet points. This would reduce the need of: “Also,” in all of the secondary perk effects. Example: Deflect (first option of 1h)
  10. Achievement suggestion Tharos

    I have an idea for a steam achievement. Win the final round of a tournament against Tharos. The dude's athletics and one handed skills are terrifying. He can throw attacks at you faster than half your own attack animation and there is no getting away from him. I finally beat him, but it feels...
  11. Does the Shield Bearer perk make Long Strides obsolete? (One Handed perk tree)

    The title says it all... My character reached level 75 in One Handed and I have to decide what perk to pick. I'm using a shield so the natural pick for is Long Strides, but if maxing the One Handed skill and getting the Shield Bearer perk makes Long Strides obsolete, then I don't want to "waste"...
  12. reset5

    Stabs are useless, they weren't as bad in beta, they were far better in warband.

    Let's look at every weapons stabs: 1. Two handed sword: stabs have such a long wind up, pair that with risk of it bouncing off enemies belly, pair that with little damage it deals and it ends up so useless no one uses stab attacks. Why stab when slashes are faster and more consistent in damage...
  13. Jdue89

    [Suggestion] Rearrange perks / PART 1 (Vigor/Control/Endurance) \

    PART 1: There are multiple skill trees that has perks which needs to be in other skill trees or shuffled around in their current tree, to make sense. lets go though them in order. One Handed: The idea behind the one-handed skill is to act as tank (shields) or opt out for a more balanced...
  14. LordKay

    Offhand Throwing Daggers/Axes

    Currently, we don't really have much choice of offhand gear. It's either a shield, torch, or banner (not implemented fully yet). It would be a nice expansion of the offhand selection to equip throwing daggers/axes on the side, with the ability to swap between throwing and using them to help...
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