1. Rubens_2011

    Lack of Official Servers in South America

    I'm here to ask for something very important for us, the players from South America. Since the days of Warband, we have had a dedicated and passionate community. We organize events, pay for servers, create groups, and stay united despite facing significant challenges. With the arrival of...
  2. CEOofCalradia

    Closed High unstable ping on official TW servers

    Summary: I have this problem where I get high pings on official TW servers (any gamemode either through matchmaking or joining through custom server list). However, on private servers I have good pings. This only happens on official TW servers. I'm located in Germany and it's impossible to earn...
  3. Faranox

    MP Suggestion: Host an official Battle server

    Battle mode was included in the newest patch, however there are no official Battle servers. I suggest that you put some Battle servers up because Battle is the best game mode and RubbingMyAxe is on vacation so I can't play on GK.
  4. ulufarkas

    Spotify Playlist for Bannerlord

    It has been long long years since Warband got released. It had legendary in-game musics, master-piece soundtrack and battle soundtracks. But they are not uploaded to Spotify officially. Well, I demand official support from Taleworlds, I want them to upload whole soundtracks of Bannerlord to...
  5. Bannerlord Polska [PL]

    Bannerlord Polska [PL]

    Nasza oficjalna grupa steam: TUTAJ
  6. SPQR [EU/NA]

    SPQR [EU/NA]

    Add one of the following members of leadership on Steam to receive an invite to the group. A website URL will be provided at a later date.
  7. Bxnny

    We want South American servers

    This has been an issue we have discussed within SA for the last couple of months, since Bannerlord started to arise with activity as the release of the game was coming, "will there be servers for us? I want to play officials and competitively." We went to Gamescom last year, with the owner of...
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