1. SlyFox

    Need More Info Floating spectators in Batannian arena

    Woah! The Batannians are really investing in some good mages. Levitation is not an easy spell to learn. Not sure if there are separate maps for separate arenas within each faction but this was in Dunglanys.
  2. lucky lancer

    SP Native NPC Revamp

    Cheers! I am reworking some NPC faces from Bannerlord. This is an ongoing project. I don't intend to make everyone look 'beautiful'. They are allowed to look gritty and tough. My aim is to give those faces character, correct unrealistic proportions and make them fit my tastes as far as those...
  3. Resolved [SP] Talking to anyone from my party/2nd Army on the world map crashes the game.

    I can talk to my party members in the town but if i speak to them on the world map or if i talk to my 2nd army on the world map after clicking continue to see the next bit it crashes the game.
  4. Need More Info Bannerlord Stopped Responding/Crash After Clicking Continue On NPC

    i really need some help or a fix or something i played the games for 8 hours straight yesterday without crashes when i talk to an npc in my party then click continue after reading his words it crashes or when i speak to a previous member that is in a 2nd army it crashes npc`s in towns and...
  5. Resolved [Bug] Another one, related to Family Feud

    So we all know these Quests are bugged. You sometimes cant complete it. In my case, its a little different. I accepted the quest and the one i should protect, doesnt join me in the village in wich i should talk with the other family. (it worked twice before) So i have read the steam forums and...
  6. Funky Donkey Memes 2009

    [e1.0.0] Caravan Escort Bug

    As I was playing this quest, I lost sight of the caravan and was unable to find it once again. Over 15 days past since the start of the mission. I returned to the original person to see what had occurred and it showed a strange error:
  7. Butter_Lord

    Is there an edit mode like in Warband to change NPC faces?

    I love the new graphics but some people who i have to interact with in the game a lot have gotten the wrong side of the asymmetric slider. I feel like this one setting goes way to wild for NPCs and so many people look straight up inbred with the right side of their face a good 3 inches higher...
  8. Freshness

    Need More Info Graphical/gameplay bugs in cities - Lycaron

    Please see the album below Bug Description: Multiple bugs in the city of Lycaron - graphical glitches with blue box, NPCs are all lined up in a row in town center, merchants don't show your inventory (only what you are wearing currently, not even that, the bracers for example are missing...
  9. Need More Info All Characters Have Asymmetrical Mouths

    All characters seem to be generated with asymmetrical faces. This seems more prominent on female characters but that might be because most males have beards and thats hiding it. Here are some screenshots.
  10. Nadrill

    Resolved [BUG] Can't start any NPC conversation

    Hi this is my first post so don't blame me :grin: Bug Description: - After some event I can't talk to any NPC anymore because the game crashes on every action How To Reproduce The Bug: I'm not sure but just talk to any npc after taking some quest How Often The Bug Occurs: Every time on...
  11. MountainBladesMan

    Crossbow Men Not Firing

    Has anyone else noticed that their missile units aren't firing? I recruited some crossbows to my party but they never fired a bolt despite me making sure they could fire at will.
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