1. Need More Info Daughter quest leads to unskilled wanderers if failed

    So, this is a bit of a weird one. I couldn't find any similar posts about it. If you accept the "Find my daughter" quest from a village NPC a random wanderer will be spawned as his daughter, for exampe "... the Spicevendor". If you find the daughter and convince her to go back to her father she...
  2. Unresolved Quest-NPC bugged out with multiple quests

    Summary: I got a quest from Lamenon of Carphenion to deliver a herd to Epicrotea. All was well and I delivered the herd. Later on I checked my quest log and it seemed that I have to return a letter to Lamenon to complete the quest, so I head over to Carphenion to hand in the quest. However...
  3. Zen-G

    Çok Oyunculu'da Yaşanan Genel Sıkıntılar ve Beklenen Çözümler !

    Herkese selamlar. Bu konu başlığı altında kendim de bizzat deneyimlediğim ve birçok konu başlığı altında da gözlemlediğim sorunlara değineceğim. En az birini bile yaşıyorsanız belirtin ki yöneticiler ve geliştiriciler yapılacak ve düzeltilecek iş rotasına belki bunlardan birini ekler. 1)Oyun...
  4. The_Hussar

    Relations with notables in my settlements does not increase because of security level

    I have seen several times so far a message stating that relationship was increase with the notables in some of my settlements but I have checked and I haven't noticed any increase. Those notables are supposed to be the people I recruit from, right?
  5. Arenor

    Resolved NPC skills in encyclopedia show error

    I was looking at the encyclopedia and when i ran my mouse across an NPC's skills i noticed they all had "ERROR: newline variable has not been set before". I don't know if this is helpfull but I thought I should point it out
  6. Redstylt

    Unresolved [Quest] Family feud

    Summary: Once you've accepted the quest and then missed it, the person stays in your group and you can't send them back. How to Reproduce: Accepted a quest Talk to the parent in the village Go to the other village Making the dialogue Missing the dialogue (losing the battle) To be with the...
  7. Fleshing out villages (and cities) with semi-persistent villagers

    From my short playing the single player early access, I have encountered many villages with dozens of villagers, only to find them only greeting and saying some random non-sense and offering no more interaction. I therefore find it pointless even to visit villages (other than by menu items). To...
  8. Remove auto-ending Conversations

    Some dialog options (like asking for a quest for example) lead to automatically ending the conversation with the character. This should not happen. We have to wait two loading times because of that if we still want to talk (one back to campaign map and one back to conversation). On the other...
  9. Denixius

    Bannerlord'daki Basit Hatalar ve Eksiklikler

    Merhaba, Ben henüz oyunun başında birkaç sorunla karşılaştım. Aslında bunlar oyun yayınlanmadan önce tespit edilip düzeltilebilecek kadar basit hatalardan meydana geliyor. Oyunda yeni hiçbir şey yok. Warband neyse, Bannerlord da o olmuş. Bir değişiklik eklenebilirdi; mesela bir görev süreci...
  10. Unresolved Quest bug

    I have found a bug in family feud quests... I have done several with no issue. All of a sudden I have two problems with one... 1- sometimes the person I'm escorting protecting doesn't come into the village with me, I can fix this by making him a scout. Shouldn't have to do that though. 2- if I...
  11. Unresolved Npc's getting stuck in/by town (from map play)

    Summary: Npc's getting stuck in or by named town. Seems to be a pathway issue maybe? The enemy npc inside has been there for over 100 in game days now. The one outside got stuck after I convinced them to switch kingdom right by the town. How to Reproduce: Not certain, but after recruiting the...
  12. Unresolved when you give money to NPC...the relationship does not increase..

    when you give money to NPC...the relationship does not increase..even i give 10.000 denars...please ...make this game a big huge fans of mount and blade games..
  13. [Suggestion/Mod Idea] Dripping blood trails, and Blood Pools

    Hello, The game so far has me hooked and the amount of joy I have felt playing this game is like no other! however, there is something lacking that I wish to address to Taleworlds Staff or Modders: The lack of blood. hear me out, the blood in the game so far is very satisfying when seeing the...
  14. Unresolved Family Feud - NPC won't spawn, unlisted bug?

    Family Feud quests sometimes bug if you have max companions in your party. You are supposed to take the person to speak with another person in another town, and when you go to the town the person you brought with you doesn't spawn in and trigger the next step in the quest. It appears that if my...
  15. Interact with NPC portrait instead of walking in the city

    Thank you guys, this game is already amazing ! I have a suggestion, can we add a feature to talk with NPC (town NPC) without having to walk in the street ? Sometimes, I just want to check a quest detail / dialogue, and I don't want to loose 30 sec to load, walk, talk, load again. Thx you :)
  16. SlyFox

    Need More Info Floating spectators in Batannian arena

    Woah! The Batannians are really investing in some good mages. Levitation is not an easy spell to learn. Not sure if there are separate maps for separate arenas within each faction but this was in Dunglanys.
  17. lucky lancer

    SP Native NPC Revamp

    Cheers! I am reworking some NPC faces from Bannerlord. This is an ongoing project. I don't intend to make everyone look 'beautiful'. They are allowed to look gritty and tough. My aim is to give those faces character, correct unrealistic proportions and make them fit my tastes as far as those...
  18. Resolved [SP] Talking to anyone from my party/2nd Army on the world map crashes the game.

    I can talk to my party members in the town but if i speak to them on the world map or if i talk to my 2nd army on the world map after clicking continue to see the next bit it crashes the game.
  19. Need More Info Bannerlord Stopped Responding/Crash After Clicking Continue On NPC

    i really need some help or a fix or something i played the games for 8 hours straight yesterday without crashes when i talk to an npc in my party then click continue after reading his words it crashes or when i speak to a previous member that is in a 2nd army it crashes npc`s in towns and...
  20. Unresolved [Bug] Another one, related to Family Feud

    So we all know these Quests are bugged. You sometimes cant complete it. In my case, its a little different. I accepted the quest and the one i should protect, doesnt join me in the village in wich i should talk with the other family. (it worked twice before) So i have read the steam forums and...
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