1. Kairos le voyageur

    Resolved Npc Glitch

    Summary: Vlandia Npc Glitch How to Reproduce: Start a new game go to "pravend" ( valendia city ) Quest/Settlement Name (if related): pravend Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.3 Stable Installed community-made modifications: no...
  2. albamuth

    NPC's should all be able to switch vocation/roles

    Summary: Allow every single NPC in the game - noble, notable, wanderer, gang leader, village elder, runaway children - to switch roles/vocation at any time, when conditions are right or it suits their personality. Possibilities: Too many nobles get killed in a faction? Maybe a successful...
  3. Just a few suggestions on gameplay

    Hey so this is sort of an amalgamation of what I think Bannerlord needs to push the gameplay to the next level. Apologies if some of these ideas are already featured and for any typos. Lord behavior Executions and Death of Nobles Nobles should be executing other nobles every now and then...
  4. LokiPokey

    BL Coding Change NPC Clan Banners?

    How do you change an NPC's clan banner? I've looked everywhere and have hit a wall.. LOL!
  5. Holy Shift

    Dialog Bug with Hostile NPC in Player Led Army.

    If i ask 'Neretzes Folly' to a NPC Lord which we are in a war with, i cant attack them at campaign map and i have to pursue NPC led party/army one more time no matter i recently choosen 'i dont care, surrender or die' option .
  6. DarKKro123

    Npc lerin tipleri bozuldu

    Arkadaşlar merhaba hayatımda ilk defa bir foruma yazıyorum eğer hata yapmışsam şimdiden beni affedin. Bannerlorda bi kaç mod yükledim (noble noble ve Full body sliders) modlardan dolayı oyun hata veriyodu bende sildim. yeni save açıp evlenmek için kız arayışına girdiğimde fark ettim...
  7. Holy Shift

    NPC'ies Bromancing For a Second at Tournaments.

    Two npc come oppose, they stop for 2 seconds at the same time, they continou to fight.
  8. Holy Shift

    AI Army Commanders

    They decide to go on offensive siege while there is a weaker and closer hostile army besieging a settlement. This behaviour needs a touch.
  9. Owen Wulfson

    Should we be able to marry non-nobles like Companions, Merchants & Gang Leaders?

    I sort of feel like the game expects us to be power hungry blue-blood wannabes. It's strange enough that we basically start the game as non-nobles who sort of just make up a family name, slap a logo on it and call it a day. At least in Warband we might have to work up to the moment a King or...
  10. Unresolved Executed NPC remains stuck inside castle attracting enemy npc's near the castle.

    Summary: Executed NPC remains stuck inside castle attracting enemy npc's near the castle. How to Reproduce: Execute an npc maybe Honoratus. Take over Tepes Castle. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Tepes Castle Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:e1.09 - e1.1.1 Installed community-made...
  11. Companions look different every playthrough and i dont like it :(

    Hello, this is the first time i ever posted something on a forum and my english isnt the best. So i understand its to have a 'different' playthrough every time so its more 'replayable', but if you ask me it isn't helping. I cant have a 'connection' with them because they look different every...
  12. Holy Shift

    Post-Siege Problem with NPC Lords

    After a successfull siege with an army i gathered; i cant move inside of the place i just took to leave some garrison. I think its because my relation with my monarch is negative. But even this place there must be an exeption.
  13. Ackdam

    Unresolved [Bug][Positioning]Difficult target in Argoron

    Summary: There is an NPC point in Argoron Keep which makes it difficult to interact with an NPC standing in that location: How to Reproduce: Have an NPC standing next to the torch to the right of the thrones, when facing the thrones. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Argoron Keep NPC Name (if...
  14. Antrix32

    The lack of enemy variety considerably hurts the game prior to being a vassal, and during times of peace.

    Il start this off by saying I don't think the game lacks in content and things to do. Theres rarely a time I am just wondering around bored and especially with the aggressiveness kingdoms seem to have in general, going to war often, seeking peace rarely. however The least exciting parts of the...
  15. Unresolved Daughter quest leads to unskilled wanderers if failed

    So, this is a bit of a weird one. I couldn't find any similar posts about it. If you accept the "Find my daughter" quest from a village NPC a random wanderer will be spawned as his daughter, for exampe "... the Spicevendor". If you find the daughter and convince her to go back to her father she...
  16. Unresolved Quest-NPC bugged out with multiple quests

    Summary: I got a quest from Lamenon of Carphenion to deliver a herd to Epicrotea. All was well and I delivered the herd. Later on I checked my quest log and it seemed that I have to return a letter to Lamenon to complete the quest, so I head over to Carphenion to hand in the quest. However...
  17. Zen-G

    Çok Oyunculu'da Yaşanan Genel Sıkıntılar ve Beklenen Çözümler !

    Herkese selamlar. Bu konu başlığı altında kendim de bizzat deneyimlediğim ve birçok konu başlığı altında da gözlemlediğim sorunlara değineceğim. En az birini bile yaşıyorsanız belirtin ki yöneticiler ve geliştiriciler yapılacak ve düzeltilecek iş rotasına belki bunlardan birini ekler. 1)Oyun...
  18. The_Hussar

    Relations with notables in my settlements does not increase because of security level

    I have seen several times so far a message stating that relationship was increase with the notables in some of my settlements but I have checked and I haven't noticed any increase. Those notables are supposed to be the people I recruit from, right?
  19. Arenor

    Unresolved NPC skills in encyclopedia show error

    I was looking at the encyclopedia and when i ran my mouse across an NPC's skills i noticed they all had "ERROR: newline variable has not been set before". I don't know if this is helpfull but I thought I should point it out
  20. Redstylt

    Unresolved [Quest] Family feud

    Summary: Once you've accepted the quest and then missed it, the person stays in your group and you can't send them back. How to Reproduce: Accepted a quest Talk to the parent in the village Go to the other village Making the dialogue Missing the dialogue (losing the battle) To be with the...
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