1. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops artificial intelligence

    hello. Although we are currently at war with 3 kingdoms, lords are waging war on the 4th kingdom. you need to improve artifical intelligence. i recorded what happened. you can watch it from here
  2. Brips

    SP - World Map Adding Agents for player and AI

    Hello, It Will be a strategical and tactical element of gameplay to have agents. "Total War" like. Recruitable special companion or real companion in taverns, towns or villages : Spy, to sent to check cities troops etc Assassin, to kill or wound lords etc Saboter, to slow down armies, break...
  3. Jusadinuer


    作为一名骑砍老玩家,对于骑砍这款游戏可谓是十分热爱。今天将所有的建议和创想写出来,来到Taleworlds论坛上将这些建议全盘托出,希望能为骑砍2未来的发展做出一点点贡献。 感谢中文论坛人员提供的建议机会,也希望Taleworlds能够越做越好! 王国内政 婚礼、宴会、狩猎、首都、议会、官员 婚礼 婚礼是玩家和其他NPC领主结婚的一个聚会。玩家结婚可以向国内领主发布婚礼邀请函,其他NPC在结婚时,如果该NPC与玩家同属一国且关系较好(大于5),则会向玩家发布婚礼邀请函。作为一个可完成的任务显示在玩家游戏界面左边。 在婚礼中可以与结婚领主提高关系。 宴会...
  4. Andreypride

    In Progress Strange logic in the sale of workshops and the choice of production.

    Summary: 1. I bought all 3 workshops in the settlement and then sold them all. All of the workshops sold to only one NPC. He has the least power in the settlement. Is this a reason to sell everything to him or is this a bug? Workshops have an effect on increasing the power of NPC. I think it...
  5. niekdegrijze

    Adding NPC to scene

    Does anyone know how to add an NPC to a scene, or knows of a mod that does? for instance: a minister in the keep for you to talk to for policies minor clan recruiter who you can talk to for recruiting troops a trainer, who can train companions for a price and time
  6. Missing Location bug

    Hey everyone, I tried to look for this issue, but couldn't find anything. One of my games got a weird bug, on all savegames: when I'm in a city and I hover the mouse on the portrait of one of its denizens, among all the information appears a white "Location", that has no value. All the NPCs have...
  7. What's the point of the NPC personality trait system?

    Do they influence A.I behavior currently on the campaign map or are they supposed to do so in future updates? For example on executions, surrendering, fleeing, paying gold etc? I can only recall one instance of merciful NPC's releasing you after battle, but otherwise for some traits I do not...
  8. SherLock05

    Any known mods to change NPC/Vassals equipment?

    Does anyone know of a mod or possibly even just editing some files to change the NPC's equipment, anyone outside of my own clan cannot be changed in game and after searching far and wide there doesn't seem to be a mod available to do this. I am so sick of my vassals running around looking like...
  9. Apocal

    Are initial relations between nobles and notables set yet?

    This is from a long time back and I tried to see what if it was ever implemented but I'm not that good. Does anyone have any idea? @mexxico @Duh_TaleWorlds @Dejan quickedit: Also something else I've been trying to prove/disprove for awhile: While mexxico says there are negative relations...
  10. Hi eveyone, in my paythrough the general(in general clan) are spawning like rabbits.

    Hi there, sorry I cannot attach any photo because I just registered. In my 1.60 playthrough I notice the general's clan in all the vanilla factions are spawning up to 100+.. Is the general's clan a vanille feature or it is part of any mod? I am experiencing difficulty of finding it out. Please...
  11. No NPC Lords Willing to Leave Current Kingdom???

    This is 1.6 beta. Every lord I've gone to refuse my inquiries about if they want to join my kingdom. They all say they are happy with their current kingdom and have no desire to go elsewhere. Then the dialogue ends - no persuasion opportunity or anything. The only thing I can think of is that...
  12. SP - General Place "Learned of Pregnancy" in the recent events section of NPC's Encyclopedia page.

    I think it would be helpful if encyclopedia pages indicated whether a character is pregnant.
  13. Creating an stationary tavern/castle NPC

    Is there an tutorial for this? Basically my intention is to create an npc that will never move from the set center (town). The purpose of this npc is simply discussing about the lore. An tutorial for creating an stationary npc that you can buy some units from would also be helpful.
  14. Lord_Greatbrow

    In Progress Duplicate Me/Stoner eyes

    Summary: I should probably open separate threads for these but When I'm talking to members in my party, they appear to be flanked on either side by very dashing men who are spitting images of my character. This might be because we might be stoned out of our mind as his eyes might indicate. All...
  15. Radagos preset

    I was curious if anyone knows a way to view the preset values for Radagos. I want to make a character that looks exactly like him.
  16. SP - General NPC's Easily Recognizable by Face

    I think all characters should be easily recognizable just by their face. This means every character would have a different face phenotype, or at least the ones you interact with (e.g Lords, merchants, quest dudes, companions, everyone except every troop or settlement npc). This would help...
  17. Lord_Greatbrow

    Resolved NPCs become glitched balls

    Summary: After a while of playing, certain NPCs, specifically ones that had some sort of fur (Battanian Oathsworn) would become giant, glitchy balls. This problem went away after a while but I'm seeing that a few others are having the same problem. How to Reproduce: I haven't been able to...
  18. StaceMcGate

    Resolved NPC & Item Portraits missing e1.5.8

    Been playing the new patch for last 2 hours, and have twice now seen all item, npc, and recruit portraits disappear entirely and replaced by a loading icon. The issue is not resolved by loading, and instead resolved by quitting the game program entirely and restarting. Game settings: High...
  19. Biographies of npcs (lords, rulers) in encyclopedia for existing npcs and new generations

    If I remember correctly while all rulers had special biographies on encyclopedia, only some clan leaders (mostly from Empire), and maybe a few more like Ira had it. This is another aspect of the game that will add immersion. (Also if backed up by distinct npc behavior of course) This needs to...
  20. StaceMcGate

    SP - General Clan Relations needs rebalance.

    To be blunt, I don't think there exists enough ways to degrade relations in the current game and that is too easy to manipulate relations to max with clans. As a ruler, I've never seen kingdom decisions reduce my relations with clans (bug?) and the only thing that seems to reduce relations is...
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