1. TheGiodude

    More Unaffiliated NPCs like our PC, trying to make a mark in Calradia

    TDLR bottom paragraph I know there are a bunch of NPCs you can add to your army, give governor positions to or make generals etc (Maybe too many even), but there are not any NPCs that are like our character amassing armies, aiming to become a king, conquering all of Calradia. TDLR You could...
  2. Daelaam

    Improve/Increase the skills and the number of female NPCs (nobles and wanderers)

    I have played the game for quite some time now and have noticed that there is always a small number of female wanderers compared to the male ones. Their stats are usually also quite undeveloped. Now, it can be a good thing, as I can level up them myself, but sometimes I just want a companion...
  3. BOHÉMiÁN'Celts


    Hello there! I got an idea.. It would be great to implement four basic temperaments to every Calradian Lord or Hero/Wanderer! - Sanguine : personality type is described primarily as being highly talkative, enthusiastic, active, and social. Sanguines tend to be more extroverted and enjoy being...
  4. Suggestion: Safe Haven

    Running town to town, trying to catch idle NPCs and clan members is, sorry but, a ridiculous idea. Please allow us to choose either our own, ally or a neutral town as ''Safe Haven'' so that any idle member of our clan should go and stay there, unless taken into party, assigned as a leader to new...
  5. Who are you? - Said my sister

    Hello! I'm sure others may have commented on this in the past, but just wanted to say that I find it very strange that my brother and sister have no idea who I am. One afternoon in the localization files to swap this to "Greetings, [insert gender of family member]! How are you?" would be great...
  6. Resolved Cannot do anything after being attacked and converting attacker during a siege.

    Summary: Cannot continue a siege or move away after being attacked by a lord and converting the lord to join our side during a siege. How to Reproduce: So it happens like this: first you are attacked by a lord. What you then do is to convert that lord to your kingdom through speech option. After...
  7. AxiosXiphos

    Unit Command Responses

    So coming between Total War & Bannerlord I noticed something which really helped with the immersion in the total war franchise - unit responses. Every time you order your units into position they shout back an acceptance; "At Once" "By your Order" "At your Command" etc etc Thinking into it...
  8. Finding runaway daughter (Recruitable Character)

    Once you finish a quest to bring back someones daughter (I did this in Khuzait territory). The character that you can then later recruit (the daughter), to have with you as a follower, have starting stats of 0 on everything, and what is worse, is that they start with -120 skill points. This...
  9. More extensive ways to improve Castle/Villages

    Merged with previously somewhat active "Castle Scene Immersion" thread by Ragratt, his OP starts here I would love to have more possibilities to improve my settlements. They could be cost a lot of gold and time, but it would be nice. First of all the should be more ways to improve the food...
  10. Holy Shift

    NPC Lord Run to Me with 20 Troops Aganist My 300

    We were at war but what kind of furiosity was that? I was standing on open field and NPC lord run straight to me and demanded surrender from me.
  11. Holy Shift

    NPC Armies Having Food Supply Problems Again

    I was an army was entering village to village and also some towns and they were still suffering from starvation. Another army were continiued siege while starving.
  12. Holy Shift

    Extortion by Deserters Quest Fails If NPC Lords Raid Village

  13. Holy Shift

    Allow Us to Call Our Clan Parties to NPC Lord Armies We are In

  14. Holy Shift

    NPC Moves Slow If Mount in Arena Lately

    If a NPC in arena start on foot and mounts during arena; its moving such slow that even much slower than foot.
  15. Holy Shift

    Upgrading Party Leader Companions is Problematic

    We need to go our settlement, disband NPC party, press space, wait a moment, press space, go to settlement, take NPC to party, upgrade the NPC and create party again. All of that just because we cant upgrade NPC unless its in our party. Its for almost no reason and the reason is not worth it.
  16. Holy Shift

    A Weird Thing Happened

    I was in a tournament final. My opponent was npc named Tharos. For a single moment game slowed. Than Tharos started to attacks at a thunder speed. Its blocks and walks was normal but only the attacks. I dont know what happened.
  17. Nawki

    Recruitable companions by lords

    There are so many NPC companions sitting in taverns doing nothing. Maybe when the lord is recruiting for his army, he should have a chance to recruit a companion? Nice way to boost their stats and equip them with loot that they found along the way. After a loss and lord being captured a...
  18. DarKKro123

    Npc tasarımları

    arkadaşlar merhaba daha öncede npc lerin tipleri bozuldu diye yazı yazmıştım ve sorunun sebebini ''Nobles Nobles'' adındaki bi modun yaptığını düşünmüştük bu gün tekrardan moda baktım modun resimleri arsında şunları gördüm. Garip bir şekilde yeni açtığım savelerde karakterler Tw2 tasarımında...
  19. Lornloth00

    Resolved Peasant Woman arms artifacts

    When I go to settlements women's arms have artifacts sticking out. Its not game breaking. It seems to have something to do with NPCs wearing dresses. I have not noticed this on my female companions or any NPCs wearing armor.
  20. No Growth for own-Kingdom (Feedback)

    I dont know if this issue is only in my current game but my Kingdom can't grow. What do I mean? I mean that I can't recruit any vassal without paying them more than million gold. That is just ridiculous. Even the weakest vassal of an other faction wants at least 500k. I don't know who designed...
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