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  1. Cri11e

    Priority nr1: Perks asap.

    Its simply THE biggest demotivator for people who wants to keep playing in sp. Especially for those who grind alot to get perks like e.g. merry men in roguery.
  2. GG Cannon

    Is the "One Step Ahead" perk not working?

    I thought after finally getting it, that I would be allowed to place my troops on the battlefield before the battle similarly to how we do during sieges or how its done in every game of the Total War franchise, but it made no difference what so ever...
  3. Cri11e

    When will Perks function?

    I was wondering when perks will be fixed, are they working as intended in the current beta branch?
  4. Karmidzhanov

    Unresolved Man-at-Arms perk does not work

    The perk for 175 Stewardship Man-at-Arms should give 5 party limit per fief you own, but it doesn't. I have 6 fiefs and it didn't increase my limit at all and didn't show in the breakdown. I feel that should be an easy fix. Also I have confirmed the perks Spare Arrows and Mounted archer not...
  5. Laryakan

    Unresolved "Nourish Settlement" perk isn't working

    Summary: "Nourish Settlement" perk isn't working (possibly no perks are working, as Cash666 suggesting - see below) How to Reproduce: Unlock a perk, for example "Nourish Settlement", then go to a settlement and wait here, you will see no difference at increasing "Prosperity" from the...
  6. MadGlory

    Resolved Enable Death Option NOT WORKING

    Hello TaleWorlds, I have enabled the "Death Option" on my Singleplayer mode. My companion died in battle ( ) but he is still with me recovering like nothing happened ( ). To me, when I first saw the Death option, it immediately became one of...
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