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  1. Joe Friday

    Prioritizing Recruitment in Army

    I find it strange I cannot prioritize which lord or companion gets to recruit from settlements when in an army. Whenever I go to a settlement to try to recruit soldiers my lords get priority over me. After they are finished recruiting there is rarely anyone left for me. Is there a way to make...
  2. Spyware

    Too much Intercultural Marriage.

    Doesn't anyone else find it weird that when you're at the second generation or so, you're fighting literally a buttload of Sturgian Aserais? Sturgian Khuzaits? Sturgian Vlandians and Battanians?
  3. Apocal

    Resolved [1.6.0] Too many nobles breaks the bar.

    Summary: A town in the late game has approximately 65+ nobles in it. The bar has 13 rolls but rolls 2-12 display every face overlapping How to Reproduce: Put like 65+ nobles in a town. Have you used cheats and if so which: None. Scene Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer...
  4. Spyware

    Reusing "lost" noble children of extinct clans as companions when they turn 18-30.

    Wouldn't it be kinda cool if they come back as Companions trying to reclaim their birthright? I mean, I have an inkling they're going to re-add the ability to grant fiefs to Companions again, so it'd be cool if we have something like this anyway.
  5. Suggestion: Allow us to marry female members of our family to Wandering Companions.

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability to marry female members of our family to wandering companions, proven loyal members of our trusted retinue. Making the companion take on a noble function within the clan and allowing us to maintain control of both characters. I would also suggest enabling...
  6. Adding Aristocrats (Minor Lord/Nobles) to Bannerlord

    Adding Bannermen Or Minor/lesser Nobles Ever since I heard the new title was Bannerlord was to be released, I looked forward to having Bannermen come to my call, then I was very disappointed on the lack of banners (referring to bannermen and not actual banners in battle though I also want that...
  7. My observations and suggestions

    Hi, wanted to post this for some time and I finally think I got most of my stuff together. I am sorry for making it so long and I know it does not meet the guidelines for suggestions, but i would feel silly for posting each thing separetly. I would rather have an overall discussion over here...
  8. Let Captured Nobles/Bandit Leaders try to buy their freedom with their high-tier items.

    I posted this in the wrong section so reposting this here. Sorry!
  9. TheGioManDude

    More Nobles and more Administrative Posts (besides governor) for Them to Hone Their Skills and Replace Dead Nobles

    TLDR bottom paragraph I realized that once you take out some big name lords, there really isnt other notable lords to replace them from their own clan. It makes sense that once you cut the head of the snake the body dies too. But it should not be so easy. It can be a bit harder in my opinion...
  10. Moncho

    Need More Info [Beta 1.5.1] Game crash while loading castle or keep scene when you are going to talk with a noble

    Summary: It also have been happening to me in beta 1.5.0 version, it seems to occur when I'm leading an army or when there is a lot of nobles in the keep (city) or castle. It had happened to me in four different places... Omor, Balgard, Mecalovea Castle and Takor Castle, I tried to talk with...
  11. Money sink Megathread

    Hello there, I've seen a lot of different posts concerning how the amount of money the player can currently make in this game is apparently a problem, when by all means it's not. We're playing early medieval nobles here, and should by all means be swimming in cash. The real issue is rather that...
  12. Need More Info Enemy noble hanging out in my keep during war

    The northern empire declared war on me when one of their nobles was chilling in my keep in Poros (as in, I owned Poros at the time). Now he just hangs there and doesn't leave and wants to play scrabble with me from time to time. (Not scrabble, but that game with the broken game pieces hehe)...
  13. Anbusan

    Lord's Changed (secretly)

    Faced some changes. I play beta 1.3.0 from the moment of availability. Yesterday, suddenly creating a new game, I discovered that the appearance of the Nobles was changed. When they managed to make changes, and is there an opportunity to roll back to previous appearance (I miss Abagai) Befor...
  14. Jdue89

    [Suggestion] what are you?, some deity?!

    I suggest to alter (lower) the calculated value of tiefs, when bribing nobles to join you. I noticed that as soon as a noble had just 1 (!) castle he would think himself a smartass and demand 1 trillion+ denars for him to join. the value at which nobles assign to them selves when they have...
  15. Moncho

    Strange Lord and Kingdom's total strength issue

    Summary: I was in the "Eliminate the Empire" stage of the campaign, I was fighting against the Southern Empire, I saw that they had a Total Strength of about 58000 in the diplomacy screen, weird thing. Sudddenly we make peace, so I decided to make some nobles of the Southern Empire join my...
  16. WisdomPanda

    Taking prisoners is currently pointless

    I apologise if this has already been covered. Currently, I'm taking over the Western empire in my most recent play through and one thing that struck me was how utterly useless taking nobles prisoner is. Observations; The money I earn from my fiefs and the battle loot has me rolling in cash...
  17. Ackdam

    Noble prisoners and "guests"

    A bug post was put up about an enemy noble appearing in the lord's hall of a newly acquired fief after a successful siege. The Lord/Lady would appear in the lord's hall and not have the prisoner chains icon added to their preview portrait. This is a thought of mine that spawned from that post...
  18. Lardo565

    Giving Fiefs

    So after making my own kingdom, I found out I can't give fiefs to other nobles I have recruited. I couldn't do it through the kingdom menu even if I bartered some of the fiefs I still am the sole owner. Sorry, I'm kinda new to this kingdom thing in Bannerlord, thanks in advance! EDIT: So far I...
  19. bibleAdamRyan

    Need More Info Melkea a female noble is a nobleman?

    Summary: Hi I found that Melkea a female noblewoman is called a nobleman in game. How to Reproduce: Find Melkea on the map? Quest/Settlement Name (if related): In my game I am in Ortysia Media (Screenshots & Video): Version:e1.0.8
  20. [SUGGESTION] Commands and Orders

    Hi all, I been playing and would be nice if we could command people in our clan when they have a party. Simple commands like: Patrol this fief (castle/towns) and it's towns. Raid this fief (chose target) Start recruitment (till he/she fills it's party) Defense this fief (Harrison in castle /...
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