1. DFazouro

    Need More Info Nobles dissapear when load

    When you save game in a settlement with keep access and you reload the game, the nobles list will dissapear, they will be visible again if you go out of the settlement and enter again.
  2. Quest Marker for Available Noble Quests On Map

    Just wanting to know if I'm crazy or not. Does anyone else hate that, to find quests to do for nobles on the world map, you have to click on em, go through a loading screen, find out they don't have a quest, go through another loading screen, then continue on your way? Wouldn't it be better if...
  3. Need More Info Foreign noble stuck at keep

    I conquered Pravend before completing the talk-to-nobles quest and now have Elthild (Vlandia) as a permanent prisoner at my keep. I hence completed the questline to become a proper kingdom and automaticaly made peace with her faction. However she remains marked as a prisoner and I am unable to...
  4. C__hris

    Bug: Nobles Neretze's Folly not available when in an army

    In the Neretze's Folly quest you need to talk to 10 nobles. When one of these nobles is in an army led by another noble it is impossible to talk to the noble you need for the quest. I needed to follow the army around until it got beaten and fell apart. Only then I could speak to the noble I needed.
  5. Need More Info Noble hiding in village and wont leave

    I have been at war with the Aserai for most of my play through. I have finally eliminated all vassals and allies of the current rule (Galden) who is now hiding in a village (Jahasim) and wont leave. I can talk to him and walk around the village. I tried raiding the village and he just...
  6. Nobles / Kings need AI fix / buff.

    In my game i see lords constantly taken prisoner by looters or bandit parties because they run around with small amount of units. I managed to capture the high king of the battalians and one of their lords because they had 0 troops (everyone was wounded) and they were running around somewhere...
  7. [KoG] Kingdom of Gondor

    [KoG] Kingdom of Gondor

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Gondor. This is an ancient Mount and Blade clan, built around a community of gamers who love LOTR and Mount and Blade. Gondor is ruled by Three Great lords. We are the veterans of the Full Invasion 2 clan with the same name. Our clan’s structure is built on a system...
  8. springare

    Missing Noble, Not where it says he is.

    So I am trying to do this Main Quest chain of chasing down all the nobles, since I must have some kind of OCD and can't just ignore a quest. I have 8/10 now but one noble that is supposed to have the info I need to nowhere to be found. It says he was "last seen at Jaculan today", everyday. But...
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