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new faction

  1. genrev0914

    SP Native Towns Mania

    Made on Modding Tool. Contents: Added 2 towns for each non imperial faction Added 1 town to each imperial faction My old mod Supreme Kingdom +4 town for them 17 towns in total Complete siege Icon Collision box on town is applied. Some terrain is reform to insert new town. Make some inaccessible...
  2. genrev0914

    SP Other Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City

    Supreme Kingdom - A feminist mod. Overpowered kingdom (Unless the members defect) Merchant City - Most prosperous town in Calradia, Creating a caravan here will give you the best guards Contents: Mod Link is here: Supreme Kingdom x Merchant City Please Check My Modding Tutorials Pure...
  3. Lemmy1916

    BL Coding Change a settlement owner and culture.

    Hello everyone, for morethan two days now I've been spending all my time night and day trying to change the owner of a town! It's starting to drive me crazy! 😱 I really tried everything in all directions, completely redid my files, tried to integrate my mod in that of other modders, tried...
  4. kyrian35

    Features and New Faction

    I would like to share with you my ideas for improvement, features and new factions. of course I’m thinking more of a paid DLC for new factions because it’s an Add-on that was not originally planned and requires additional work because we would have to create new assets, widening the map, which...
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