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  1. Need More Info game keeps crashing at start

    HI everyone i think i am gonna need some help, i love the game. but whenever i try to start a new campaign the game can't load the character creation and crashes. anyone knows how to fix this? with kind regards, Tom
  2. Need More Info Crash on Campaign Start

    Summary: The game will crash 5 seconds into the loading screen for a New Campaign. I have deleted every single file in all 3 locations, disabled Steam Overlays and Cloud saves, conducted a clean install 5+ times as well as a file verification everytime. I can launch a New Campaign if I launch...
  3. In Progress Crash on creating new Campaign

    I tried to reinastall, without mods, starting every .exe file (bannerlord.Native.exe) with administrative priveleges. I tried to find corrupted files with steam, tried every single Version in Beta. from 1.5.0 to 1.5.7 patch, my rig should be fine (ryzen 7 3700x, geforce gtx 1050 ti, 32 gigs of...
  4. Need More Info Crash on starting new campaign

    Summary:Whenever i try to start a new campaign the game starts crashes on the loading screen. This only happens with a new campaign I can still play my old saves How to Reproduce:Start a new campaign Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 GPU:GTX 1080...
  5. k0shmar

    Need More Info Crash Trying to start a new campaign (1.5.6 and 1.5.7)

    Everytime I launch the game I make it to the main menu just fine, I can load my saved games and play on those but whenever I press the "New Campaign" It goes to the loading screen and after like 5-10 seconds it crashes the game giving the "Application faced some problems" pop up, I updated my...
  6. Monkey

    Resolved 1.5.7 crashes on new campaign - loading old save is OK - no crashes on 1.5.6

    If I opt into the 1.5.7 beta and attempt to start a new campaign I crash to desktop during the loading screen. I can successfully load and play my 1.5.6 saves in the 1.5.7 beta installation of the game. The crash only happens if I attempt to start a new campaign. I can successfully start a new...
  7. Resolved Crashing when i click Start new Campaign, Unplayable.

    I didnt have a problem with this yesterday i dont understand why i do now, i have Verified the files now im going to uninstall and reinstall and see if that helps. Summary: When ever i try to start a new campaign i crash How to Reproduce: Click new campaign Scene Name (if related): Media...
  8. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.5] Town sells trash item

    Just started a new campaign and Balgard is selling trash items.
  9. Resolved Crash when saving game.

    Summary: I when away on vacation for two days and when I came back I could load my old saves for my single player game on v1.5.4 but saving in any fashion will cause the game to become unresponsive and I have to end the task in task manager. Even starting a new game I was unable to save. No...
  10. EvilJenie

    In Progress Bristle is not displayed at the "Character customization" after selecting

    Summary: Bristle is not displayed at the "Character customization" after selecting (the character is vlandian). Don't checked other factions How to Reproduce: 1 Start new game with vlandian 2 Go to the hair selection 3 Select bristle beard type 4 Pay attention to the character Scene Name...
  11. Sgtskywalk

    Main menu options renaming

    Very small suggestion, but it would be much better and user-friendly to rename and move the following options in the main menu as follows: "Campaign" --> Rename it to "New campaign" and move it to the very top of the list. "Saved games" --> Rename it to "Load game" and put it as the 2nd option...
  12. Lornloth00

    BL Other Preserving Companions or increases companion/lord/lady spawns.

    Is there a way to preserve my in a new campaign? I have used a mod that does this for the player character its a mod called "Character Export Import" but it doesn't do this for companions. Alternatively is there a way to make the game generate more companions or even lords/ladies?
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