1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Make Horse Archers Circle in WIDE circles and avoid enemies, like they used to, before you ruined them.

    Horse archers on charge behave too stupidly and clumsily now, they used to be better but you purposefully made them go closer to enemies. You also made them switch to melee at a longer range. This makes some of them always wander off and die, wasting the players time. We didn't order that so it...
  2. cyberonn

    Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  3. Taleworlds nerfing things too hard

    sure i get things need to be nerfed because there too good. i from day one would have liked council of commens to be nerfed because it was by far the best policy in the game and destroyed the influence gain for both the player and the AI but i have been noticing that most of the time they nerfe...
  4. HalfMetalJacket

    Imperial Legionaries too good?

    I could be in a minority, but I feel like part of the reason why Sturgia doesn't feel so great to play is because their main strength, heavy melee infantry, can only go 50-50 with the heavy infantry of the Empire factions. The fact that the Empire also have amazing cavalry and better options...
  5. Nerf Khuzait But Also Don't

    Their military strenth is realistic in my opinion. They can be nerfed politically by not giving them some policies like Magistrates, Senate (suggest more below) Also nerfing bow and arrow slightly could help balancing khuzait
  6. Salvation1945

    Nerfing like its an MMO

    Hey guys i have about 60 plus hours in Warband banner lord atm and ive noticed a terrible trend with recent patches. The developer changes seem to think they are working on a MMO where too much stuff is usually what ruins the game, and the game needs constant balancing to make sure all players...
  7. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    everytime i spend ages finally upgrading troops to 2h units i take them into any battle that has archers and they get massacred they are always the first units to die so now i just go with shield units only any one else find they have this issue?
  8. unbalanced cavalry archer meta

    There is a toxic way of playing Bannerlord Just take all cav with bows and ride. So game can be very annoying like this. For example battania is weak against this tactic . Also It is very normal khuzait. My suggestion is other nation's arrows should reduce. Note: of course you can use larger...
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