1. In Progress Scene Editor Auto navmesh tools crashing in 1.6.3

    I want to quickly test the scale of a campaign map using the navmesh auto generate grids but it keeps crashing. Crash ID 2021-10-14_09.36.55_0d625c20f7d1ca4aeb27467c59fe7434
  2. Macbeth of Gondor

    In Progress Scene Editor Generate Grids doesn't work for e1.6.1

    Summary: When you want to make a navmesh grid by clicking 'generate grids' it looks like a wrong pop-up messgae appears - yes, no and cancel as options. If you choose yes and no nothing really seems to happen and it never opens the new pop-up message with the grid size. This will often cause...
  3. Resolved Scene Editor Black screen when rotate view after navmesh manipulation in face mode

    This has been happening for 1.5.8 and 1.5.9 editors. When try to edit navmeshes for Main_map, if one is under face selection mode, and say select a face. Then try to rotate the view (alt+right click) (but not pan), the entire screen will go black. Console message says "Could not set listener...
  4. PlanetMorgoth

    BL Scening Crashing when generating navmesh

    As the title states, I have a map that I'm trying to generate the navmesh for, but it seems to crash after 2-3 minutes. The map is fairly large but I was hoping that if it takes long I could just run it overnight. But I can't because it keeps crashing.
  5. Lonewarrior

    Need More Info Scene Editor Removing navmesh on main map causes crash on campaign start

    I can add my own navmesh fine, but if I delete a chunk let’s say over a body of water Like a new sea area where I have lowered the ground it causes game crashes. This crash occurs on campaign start after removing a large amount of navmesh from the main map even when that area isn’t in use.
  6. odkupiciel375

    [Bug] Bugged navmesh makes character walk on water

    Mode: SP Description: On the way from Dunglanys to Varcheg my character went downhill and started walking on water. Video:
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