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  1. Grafschaft Roon [Ger]

    Grafschaft Roon [Ger]

    Die "Grafschaft Roon" ist ein Deutscher Verband bestehend aus drei Abteilungen verschiedenster Truppenklassen, zahlreichen deutschsprachigen Mitgliedern und insofern eine großartige und vielseitige Community. Wir kommen aus Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Was -> Die Königlich Preußische...
  2. NicoleUK

    MP Musket Era Historically accurate women & sailors mod (Works on all NW multiplayer servers)

    This is a tiny aesthetic mod for NW, I made it for myself but have decided to share. Its really immersion breaking to see topless pirates running around (especially female ones!) so I made this mod to change the appearance of the ship crew of the British & French factions. In a nutshell: -...
  3. [VG] 1er régiment de Grenadiers à pied (2014)

    [VG] 1er régiment de Grenadiers à pied (2014)

    Historique Le 1er régiment de grenadiers à pied de la Garde impériale est un régiment francophone crée officiellement en février 2016 lors de la création du corps de la Vieille Garde, bien que nous existons depuis 2014 ; sous les ordres du même officier, Le Paige. Notre régiment Notre projet...
  4. JerzyBurza


    Staff Pułkownik (pl. Colonel) - leader of regiment and a creator of the 18pp community Major (pl. Major) - A leader of Staff Podpułkownik (pl. Lieutenant) - A righ-hand of Pułkownik, historical leader of batalion. Commissioned Officers Kapitan (pl. Captain) - Leader of Company...
  5. Emil

    NRP Event Schedule

    We will be hosting various public and closed events leading up to / after the release of Bannerlord. Current known/expected dates: 21st of February ( 2020-02-21 ) Napoleonic Zombies Event 23rd of February ( 2020-02-23 ) 19th_Jailbreak Event 1st of March ( 2020-03-01 ) NRP Duel Tournament 7th of...
  6. [FK] The Freikorps [EU/NA]

    [FK] The Freikorps [EU/NA]

    __________________________________________________________________________________ Backup Website Discord FSE Thread Steam Group...
  7. [18pp]18-ty Pułk Piechoty [NW Regiment][EU/PL][Recruiting]

    [18pp]18-ty Pułk Piechoty [NW Regiment][EU/PL][Recruiting]

    Introduction At 3 July of 1812 i Vilnius officially colonel Tomasz Lewicki, very rich nobleman from the Grodno land, created the 1st Infantry Regiment of the Dutchy of Lithuania on the order of the confederation. Initially, the regiment's rows were powered by recruits from many Tomasz Lewicki's...
  8. IVe Corps d'Armée Français | Principauté d'Antioche [FR]

    IVe Corps d'Armée Français | Principauté d'Antioche [FR]

    Qui sommes-nous ? La Principauté d'Antioche découle du IVe Corps d'Armée Français composé d'une centaine de joueurs motivés par le projet ambitieux qu'incarne Bannerlord ! En effet, nous nous sommes réunis afin de créer une structure aussi importante que sur Napoleonic Wars ! Le IVe Corps...
  9. 84e Régiment

    84e Régiment

    Links Teamspeak: Discord: Steam Contacts Aldemar: Leaf: Lore/History The "Régiment" as the locals often call them, appeared in Calradia shortly after the empire had fallen into Civil war. A battle...
  10. WaterPolio

    Bannerlord: Napoleonic Wars

    I thought this would be a fun post, since Bannerlord release is coming. There has been talk about possible Bannerlord mods that are like the Napoleonic Wars dlc we all have come to love. What are your thoughts about this? **Edit** A NW style mod was announced for Bannerlord and it looks...
  11. Napoleonic Wars Public

    Napoleonic Wars Public

    A community supporting public servers on Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars. We currently own both Minisiege and EU_Commander. Minisiege Opened in fall 2014 it's presently the most popular siege server on Napoleonic Wars. It features a dynamic gameplay on small and original siege maps...
  12. Emil

    We're coming to Bannerlord

    Our server host (Tim) has told us he'll be kind enough to provide another server aside from the one in the NW DLC. Hopefully, TaleWorlds will allow community servers upon launch, either completely freely, or via a written request to be white-listed, alternatively via proof of concept that our...
  13. De Eerste Infanterie van Nassau [1steIvN]

    De Eerste Infanterie van Nassau [1steIvN]

    Informatie NL 1steIvN is een Nederlands talig regiment. We proberen zoveel mogelijk nederlanders bij elkaar te brengen. we spelen vooral Napoleonic Wars maar we spelen ook andere games zoals men of war, cs:go, pubg, etc. We spelen vooral voor de gezelligheid, maar we hebben ook een tak die tijd...
  14. Emil

    Campaign Settings

    4645 Battle Phase Terminology Not Live - The game has not started yet, or has ended, (Eg, due to setting up reserved officer slots or an map change.) Live - Everything is done and the following reset or immediate round is considered to carry score and influence the campaign. All charge - May be...

    Main NW servers NW_Public_Events NARC_RP 19th_Jailbreak Sabas_Roleplay (now NARC_NA) Skagerrak_Naval Secondary game servers Minecraft @ SCP: Secret Laboratory @ Garry's Mod - TTT @ Project Zomboid @ OpenTTD @
  16. Greztens Gaming Community

    Greztens Gaming Community

  17. Emil

    [NRP] Napoleonic Role Play Campaign 3.0 [Launch 16th of March]

    Introduction to the Campaigns The NRP Campaign was an idea first brought up around December 2017 in an attempt to focus the efforts to bring the Napoleonic Role Play server to life again after a severe decline in active admins and players. The idea was worked on internally for several months...
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