1. In Progress Change of main char name are not persistent

    Change of main characters name in "Clan Menu" are not persistent. Will be reset on load save game.
  2. Resolved Scene Editor Creating a new path causes a crash.

    Hi, after you have deleted a path, with existing path points, as soon as you create a new path with exactly the same name, the tool will crash. Bug report identifier below: Picture!
  3. Jancnahn

    AI Generated Names in Bannerlord (for fun!)

    Hello brave warriors and merchants of Calradia! Are you tired of using familiar character names in each playthrough? Have you ever not being able to come up with a good one when your brother says 'Hey, what's our family name again? Btw, no dice rolling now.' Today I learned that I could parse...
  4. In Progress Changing Player name changes back after game restarts

    I made a new character and named him during the start after his customization. Later I wanted to change the name of my family members, the family name, as well as my player name. After doing so, Everything seems to save except my player's name. Is there any way to fix it?
  5. Etrepcar

    What is the strangest randomly generated name you have ever gotten?

    I know most of the names are (relatively) normal and passable, but there are some strange ones I have noticed. Here is one I consider a gem: possibly the least intimidating gang leader name. Even his face suggests that it's nothing violent, just a a bunch of people naming themselves after food.
  6. Looking for a certain Battanian "Highland Mail Shirt" ID

    I am making a new Troop Tree for the battanians and I am unable to find the "ID" for the new armors that have been added. They are "Highland Mail Shirt", and the shoulder piece "Highland Mail Shoulders". I've looked throughout Spitems.xml, and SpnCharacters.xml as well as many other .xmls that...
  7. Monkey

    BL Coding How to add an additional line to the right of the portrait for each entry in the clan parties screen list?

    What I'm trying to do is pretty much this: I'm not worried about adding the food part yet. I'm just trying to make it so there are the portrait and two lines per entry (instead of just one, which makes the party names wrap uglily). I've been messing with the file (C:\Program Files...
  8. Persistent names for companion?

    Anyone figured out how to give custom companions persistent first names? I used bannerlord wanderer creator to create the wanderers.
  9. full_generation

    Need More Info Writing Problem

    I play the game in the main version of 1.3. I would like to share a problem with you from the very beginning of the game. There is an error in spelling when writing the names of people in the villages. A small rectangle emerges when there is a space after the apostrophe. I add three pictures to...
  10. Schwert / Item Namen ändern

    Hi :D wollte nur sagen, wäre toll wenn man im Inventar sein Lieblingsschwert umbennen kann. Also habe zb mehrere Schwerter geschmiedet und Namen vergeben ok, aber im Nachhinein kann man das nicht mehr ändern, was total schade ist finde ich :/ Könnte man da Taleworlds kontaktieren oder zumindest...
  11. [Mod Request] Visible fief names (villages, castles) on full campaign map zoom out

    I tried figuring this out (searching for "Nameplate", "CameraHeight" keywords) but couldn't crack it. I was wondering if someone with a better modding ability would be able to make such a mod. It sounds simple enough though
  12. Resolved Two Aserai villages named "Aiwalitas"

    Summary: There are two villages in the Aserai region named "Aiwalitas" How to Reproduce: Just open the game and look into the Aserai region. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Aiwalitas next to Uqba castle near Sanala, and one Aiwalitas just next to Hubyar Version: Computer...
  13. Selecting Family Name/Banner Customisation

    It appears I was not able to select my character's family name nor customise a banner after the training in singleplayer. Why is this?
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