1. Fixer

    Muted: abusive chat-inquiry

    Hi! I'd just like to ask if there is a way to check what was the specific line of chat that triggered such an action? I'm not contesting the decision I happened to be loose mouthed at times which could very well be considered as "should be filtered". I've got two suggestions: it would be...
  2. Kiri - Maeth

    i said bad words tw muted me :'(

    insert cringe comment here
  3. You are Muted

    Neden yani?
  4. The Sign of 33

    The improvements which are vitally needed for Multiplayer

    Bold texts to save time for those who wants to skip the context. My primary focus was Singleplayer like most of the M&B fans within the first month of EA launch but as I observed the development for singleplayer was much slower than I expected, I found myself playing multiplayer (first skirmish...
  5. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    The local "Mute" must be eternal - TaleWorlds, please hear!

    Sorry for bad english. There are many trolls in multiplayer. This is not a problem, but I get tired of throwing them "Mute" again every time. I cannot and do not want to remember the nickname of each troll. The "Mute" function, called up on the TAB button in the table, helps, but ... "Mute"...
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