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  1. 9yearsago

    Need More Info Dynamic Music is Awful

    I thought it was a good idea to have dynamic transitions in music based on the situtation of the battle but apparently they just break the immersion as these shifts are so abrupt and unfitting. Following rhythm fails to keep up with what precedes it, compositions are forced to leave their path...
  2. Add option to disable sound when game is minimized

    It can be quite annoying with music constantly playing in the background.
  3. Further support of the game!

    First of all I wish to say that the game is amazing! It is absolutely everything that I expected and much, much more! Well played, Taleworlds! Having said that, I wish to express my desire to further support that game, even with little things. I am sorely in need of a Soundtrack DLC, as I find...
  4. Tsewe

    A praise to the sound designers/editors

    One of the best aspect of the game, as it is right now, is the sound effects imo. Sounds feel real, grounded and great. From incredible horse steps to foot steps on snowy terrain, to ambient sounds, UI sounds and of course, the music. So many games neglect it, or just miss the target. But TW...
  5. ulufarkas

    Spotify Playlist for Bannerlord

    It has been long long years since Warband got released. It had legendary in-game musics, master-piece soundtrack and battle soundtracks. But they are not uploaded to Spotify officially. Well, I demand official support from Taleworlds, I want them to upload whole soundtracks of Bannerlord to...
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