1. Ehombre

    Mount & Multiplayer (Bros Playing Siege)

    Hey fellow bandits and ruffians, we used to make funny videos for Warband's Siege multiplayer. Now we are making funny videos for Bannerlord's Siege multiplayer. In this thread we will post our videos as we release them! Here is our first (Bannerlord) video. Here is our second (Chill Session)...
  2. Multiplayer Irkçılık ve Hakaret

    Merhaba. Bannerlord Multiplayer da DM klanı oyuncaları tarafından defalarca ırkçılık ve hakaret yapıldı. Daha önce 3-4 kere olan benzer durumların sonuncusunda fotoğraflarını çektim. Daha önceki oyunlarda da hiç bir şey yapmadan veya söylemeden ırkçılık yapılmıştı. Bu oyunda da fotoğraflarda...
  3. [CL] Octavius


    UPDATE EVENT WILL NOW BE HELD ON NA CUSTOM SIEGE SERVER! So I, as many of the rest of you, have noticed how much Bannerlord multiplayer has died off after the initial Early Access release of the game. Many of us are asking - “What happens next?”. I think it is about time that we all had...
  4. JukeBox

    Trouble with keybindings

    So I accidently set both my block and swings to the same key (left mouse button) and I cannot change it back... I can set it to other keys like num1, e, l, etc. However, I cannot set my block back to right mouse button it seemingly just does not work. Anyone have any solutions or ideas? Also...
  5. AxiosXiphos

    [MP Game Mode] - Generals Mode

    Hello there! This is a suggestion thread to discuss the idea of a primarily 1v1 matchmaking game mode where players lead full armies of bots into MP battles! This is how I see it working, if you like the idea please feel free to drop a +1 or a comment below; GENERALS MODE BRIEF Game would...
  6. Bannerlord Multiplayer Team: Sheepous!

    Hi all, I am looking to form a Bannerlord online team/clan to either compete or just play together! I am looking for people who love playing competitively and are fed up with playing with noobs! Here is the Steam group I have formed: Please join and...
  7. Overpowered Kicks

    Why is kicking so overpowered? You get kicked in the shield, and drop your guard for about two hours. Granted, if you get kicked in the balls, you should probably drop your guard, but kicking a shield should yield the same results as shield bashing a shield in my opinion. At the moment someone...
  8. CeyXiong

    Please bring timeout system

    Sometimes we get phone calls in the middle of game. So if we leave from game or stay afk we might loose the match. So if devs. bring a timeout system thats would be useful. Thank you for interest... :)
  9. CeyXiong

    We need Voice Chat!

    Bannerlord is multiplayer game and anything can happen suddenly in game. So text chat is very slow for giving info or orders. But if devs. bring a new update what including Voice Chat, that's make everything easier. @m.arda
  10. Need More Info MP doesnt start up

    Every time I try to start either Single or Multiplayer the game doesnt get past the loading phase. I didn't play single player for a while, so I went to update my mods on vortex. After that my problem started to occur. Ive tried starting the game numerous times, and even after re-booting my pc...
  11. Hektop

    Is this a joke?

    Oceania got more custom servers than NA. Even oceania got a siege server and NA got only the broken spawn TDM. The funny thing is that most of players of oceania siege are not even from oceania. What is the goal on such thing? Make a server located on Hawaii, and wait for no one to play...
  12. Need More Info Multiplayer crash to desktop with no error message

    This error started today and I haven't previously seen multiplayer bannerlord do this. When multiplayer crashed before there would be a error message with an option to upload a crash report. I'm not seeing anything just complete crash to desktop with no error message. I'm also not seeing...
  13. ScipioTheGreat

    In Progress Xuana not present in Skirmish Map Pool

    Ever since the Hotfix (e1.4.1 - 09/06/20), the Xuana map no longer appears for Skirmish games on the NA server. I'm under the impression that this isn't intended, since the patch notes only state that barrier issues were resolved with the map, not completely pulling it from MP. If there is...
  14. Ling*

    Battania is Extremely Underpowered in captains mode

    We took an opinion poll in our Captains Mode focused discord about who people thought was the worst faction in captains mode: In addition to the general perception of Battania we have match data from our captains mode June 6th tournament that supports this: The players who participated in...
  15. Schoi

    Combat in multiplayer feels very slow and unenjoyable

    I took a week off from the game and now I just played a couple matches and noticed that the swing speed / combat speed is very slow. Swinging a 1h with and without a shield felt like the equivalent of swinging a 2h great maul from Warband's singleplayer. I attempted to do some "hilt spams" with...
  16. Matchmaking for Skirmish Mode is a Mess

    The way the teams are balanced in skirmishes is so bad that I haven't had a close game in three weeks, It's either been a 3-0 win or a 3-0 loss. This is driving away newer players from skirmish. How are the teams actually picked at the moment? Seems like a roll of the dice. Wouldn't it make much...
  17. In Progress LAN multiplayer doesn´t working

    Hi guys, I have an issue with playing a multiplayer through LAN with my girlfriend. We used to play without any problems and then suddenly the game stop working. It comes up with the message "you have been banned from server" when we tryed to connect to host game on one PC with another and vice...
  18. North American Battle of the Blades [NABB]

    North American Battle of the Blades [NABB]

    This will be a tournament which we hope will set a strong precedent going forward into the future of Bannerlord of what kind of tournaments we wish to play in.
  19. I_am_Forsaken

    [Unknown] NA Clan

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unknown We are a competitive clan ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Roster: Forsaken...
  20. dijiTurk

    Custom Outfits for MP? [image]

    Will we able to select an outfit to our character just after picking a class? A suspicious outfit here, "unused" in game files or something like that..:
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