multiplayer performance

  1. FluffyFeather

    Need More Info 1.7.2 Patch update stuttering

    Summary: Playing multiplayer siege/tdm/battle/skirmish stutter every 5-10 seconds for a short period of time. This occurs mainly on siege/tdm where there's a lot of players. By stutter, I mean you can visibly see that you had like 5FPS/sec and come back to normal. It feels pretty consistent, as...
  2. JaximusFate

    Need More Info Huge fps issues after the skins patch

    Summary: It started after the skins updated game itself might be forcing a vsync for me i am stuck at 55-67 fps before the update i had 130 to even 200 on the same Game settings. When i lauch the game my fps are at normal level 144+ but whenever i open armory it locks at 60 when i go back to...
  3. In Progress Performance tanking with Multiplayer

    Hi, I'm having full performance tank when i select Multiplayer option, right up until I shut down or restart the PC. Single player operates fine, but the program seems to affect the workings of the CPU. I've tried only running the program shutting off all other background programs, and upping...
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