multiplayer bugs

  1. The captain's map causes the game to crash

    I've created a captain mode scenario map and uploaded it to my server. Everything functions normally during the warm-up and troop selection phase. However, the server crashes when the troop selection countdown reaches zero. Here's the error report I received: "Unhandled exception...
  2. Resolved Couldn't join server and Disconnect from the lobby

    Summary: Hello, I can't play Bannerlord multiplayer after a lot of research and asking experts to solve the problem. As soon as I join the multiplayer I select a server and it goes around in circles for 10 seconds before putting a message "couldn't join server" then I disconnect from the...
  3. Cofic

    Armory loadouts dont save

    Armory loadouts dont save at all.
  4. The Server Crashes are more frequent and bugs are even worse now after latest update

    So, after the 1.7.2 update came out, the servers seem to crash alomst every single round. There is a bug that will make you unable to attack, block, or swap weapons (the only way we have found to fix it is to hold G and drop all of your weapons), we couldnt figure out what causes it, it seems...
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