1. In Progress Multiplayer - Extreme Lag Ever Since New (better) Router, but No Problems with FPS or Ping

    So I used to be able to play multiplayer perfectly, until two weeks ago when I got a new router. The router itself is way better than the old one, which was overheating and causing ping spikes in connection since it was like ancient, and with the new one I am able to play every game I have with...
  2. Eagle'

    [MP] Sunucuda Çift Elli Silahları Engelleme

    Sunucumda çift elli silahları engellemek ve birlik sınırı koymak istiyorum fakat sunucu dosyaları arasından neleri değiştirmem gerektiğini bilmiyorum. Sunucumda yalnızca "Adimi Tools" yüklüdür.
  3. Shiroin

    [Siege] About morale of siege battle at the beginning 3 minutes.

    皮w蛋 posts this suggestion in the Chinese section. I think it is solid, so I translated it and reposted it to see how you guys judge this suggestion. A full siege match takes 30 minutes, and morale is the key to decide the game. When one side reduces to 0, the opposite side wins the game...
  4. lolozinzin

    Something really simple but i can change everything in many ways In Captain mod and solo mod.

    Just the possibility ot order to attack a certain unit it all, I understand the AI is not perfect and the game is in Dev but this small fix can fix a lot of bugs like unit spinning want the horse pass close is just really stupide.. And create really frustrating situation. And i know it is...
  5. Need More Info Cpu usage for bannerlord always accounts for nearly 100%.

    cpu: i7-8086k gpu: 2080ti Whenever I play bannerlord multiplayer, cpu usage always takes up 100%. The cpu usage of the duel server accounts for 60 to 80%. I can't play multiplayer because I'm nervous... P.S. And how can I move to multiplayer section if I post the wrong article with singleplay...
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