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  1. Terco_Viejo

    Resolved Camel with the sound of horse hoof steps in rocky surfaces

    At this point I don't know if this is a bug or more of an oversight... I would honestly say the latter :iamamoron:. The point, The sound of a camel's footstep is very different from a horse's; with a quick search on youtube you'll notice the difference. In the game, the camel model uses the...
  2. TommyDarkstar

    In Progress Multiplayer servers keep crashing

    This multiplayer is really fun, nothing like a good scrap with a full lobby. But since launch both siege and tdm servers will get about 75% through then crash. Its starting to annoy everyone and I really don't want the game to die. Could you please look into this. One minute we are all...
  3. TommyDarkstar

    In Progress Game freezes when changing sensitivity

    Hello guys. Really loving the game at the moment, it's alot of fun. Just wanted to run by you a issue we've come across on consoles incase you wasn't aware of it. The game freezes when changing sensitivity. Happens both in game and in lobby and requires you to close the game. This can be...
  4. In Progress Stuck on logging in to multiplayer

    Summary: When I launch multiplayer, it shows me two options. Log-in and exit. When I press log-in it starts to connect, but does nothing, and when I checked in taskmanager wasn't even using any of my internet at all. Singleplayer works fine. Firewall is not blocking it. I've verified the game...
  5. Resolved There are no OC taleworlds servers, again

    Summary: I would like to play some multiplayer, however, there are no OC servers up. How to Reproduce: Connect to bannerlord multiplayer, go to 'Custom Server List', try and find an official OC taleworlds server OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  6. TheCrusader5

    NA Matchmaking (MMR Based) For Skirmish + Captains

    An MMR-Based Matchmaking System for Skirmish & Captains After an extensive beta testing period we at Bannerlord Matchmaking have decided to fully launch our NA skirmish matchmaking bot. The bot is in its 1.0v phase and will be started off with a clean slate for everyone that played during the...
  7. estrombico

    Need More Info Character textures don't show up on character creation

    Summary: Just as the title says and this two threads stated, is the same thing: one two Happens while loading a campaign as well. whenever characters textures show up games freezes. On Multiplayer makes almost everyone invisible, note is not everyone. Tried workarounds like deleting shaders...
  8. maximus1541

    Play for two years, and my review.

    There's no soul in the game. One of the fundamentals of the game was the many-to-many battle and these elements were clearly irreplaceable immersion. And I'm not saying that this game sucks on this part. However, there is another fundamental that the developers or players of this game do not...
  9. what's wrong with EA server?

    Why East Asia servers disappeared for a day?
  10. Buscando Clan (LATAM)

    Hola soy un jugador de bannerlord 2 con 900+ horas en el juego buscando algún clan para poder jugar batallas entre clanes con. Hablo español e ingles por si importa.
  11. Aftha

    In Progress Skala Landing - Door glitching through the wall

    Hello, I've just noticed a door glitch as you can see below. Cordially.
  12. Let's talk about the spears.

    Hello everyone! I want to start by saying that I love Bannerlord and Mount and Blade franchise as a whole. I played all variations of the game over the years. Only one single thing in this game makes me unhappy: underutilization of most important weapon on a battlefield – the spear...
  13. Moth_Queen

    Single player bots blocking (Multiplayer related!)

    Single player bots need to block better and feint more to prepare new/casual players for the unsufferable festival of Lvl 800 Master of Death Champions wich is multiplayer currently. I want a merciless "Division A" difficulty setting to get some passive training in my single player. Thank you.
  14. Ling*

    Captain Mode needs your help!

    Hello everyone, For those of you who don't know me, I am Ling, co-founder of Captains League and a dedicated member of the Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord community. Like many of you, I have spent countless hours enjoying this game over the last year both online and offline and I count myself...
  15. Persistent Lord of the Rings (PLotR)

    The ultimate RPG experience on Warband, the technology that the game has not yet seen before, the world created by Tolkien right in front of you. These are some of my first impressions of the Persistent Lord of the Rings, it has a great potential with expansion-updates already planned and under...
  16. ParzivaI

    You have been kicked by Anti-cheat Reason : Query Timeout

    Played two games today and in both games I ended up being kicked, are the devs aware and working on a fix? edit : 4th game in a row where i get kicked
  17. Ekranda Bozuk Görüntü

    Oyunu oynama sürem hem singleplayer hem multiplayer 300 saat civarında fakat ilk defa böyle ekranda kaplama bozulmaları gibi bir şeyler oluşmaya başladı. Singleplayer oynamayı bıraktım o yüzden bu sorunla sadece multiplayerda karşılaştığımı belirteyim. Sadece Aseray kültürü işin içindeyse oluyor...
  18. Need More Info Login Failed Message The Entire Month

    I cannot log in. Why? Any Solutions?
  19. Schoulayer

    Idea for Multiplayer Campaign Action

    I had an idea that would allow multiple players to smoothly play the single player campaign together. What if you could create a mercenary group that consisted of yourself and a few companions or soldiers. Imagine if you could join another player's single player game with your mercenary group...
  20. LES IS MOREx

    Cav is OP -Lesler (LORD OF CAV)

    I just wanted to let the devs know from someone who almost exclusively played cavalry in Warband, NW, and in Bannerlord; cavalry is super overpowered in Mount&Blade: Bannerlord! In Warband and even more so in NW, cavalry was a glass cannon. It took only 3 arrows to kill the hunter and if you...
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