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  1. Resolved Companions and clan members don't act as mounted archers

    Summary: Companions and clan members don't act as mounted archers. They don't use bow and arrow, even with fire at will active, they don't register as ranged cavalry on the party screen. How to Reproduce: Give companion or clan member bow and arrow and horse. Have you used cheats and if so...
  2. Lopezgdanny

    Resolved Aiming while mounted seems to be the same while moving as motionless

    Summary: Aiming while mounted seems to be the same while moving as motionless, it wasn't like this in the previous patch. How to Reproduce: Try to aim while mounted on a horse Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS...
  3. Upgrading troops

    So I found out when upgrading horse archers (havent tried with cavalry yet). You need to give a unit a normal horse to make him horse archer, and a few xp points later you need to give him a new war horse to make him a better horse archer, but you never get normal horse back. Can you help me...
  4. Resolved Bow skill, Perk Mounted Archer not working

    Summary: I have the Bow skill perk Mounted Archer and the description is "can use any bow on horseback" however i am unable to use long bows, or any bow that states it cannot be used on horseback. How to Reproduce: Uncertain, I simply chose the perk from the bow skill tree, however i noticed...
  5. Resolved can't use longbow on horseback despite having skill perk that should allow it

    I have the skill perk unlocked at Bow 100 called: Mounted Archer. It say : Can use any bow on a horseback, but I still can't use the Noblw Long Bow. I also have the Riding 125: Bow Expert. It says: Use any bow on a horse, it does not let me use my Noble Long Bow on a horse either. I also tried...
  6. Jembaited

    Resolved Skill 'Mounted Archer'

    Hello together, I am recently bought a long bow and am using the skill 'Mounted Archer' with the description: "Can use any bow on horseback.(Active)" but still am unable to use my new bow while riding. Is this a known issue? With best regards, Jembaited
  7. AljoLovesU

    "Bow Expert" and "Mounted Archer" skills not working

    Both bound skills, for Riding and Bow, respectively, have almost identical descriptions (use any bow on horse), but neither of them actually work. If you equip a longbow on a horse you still aren't able to use it. Needs to be fixed asap
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