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  1. MoB_Griff

    II Mount&Siege Revival Event

    Dear friends, after we've hosted a very successful event last December and based on the feedback we've gotten from people about it, decision was made to meet the demand. Thus we proudly present to you: II Mount&Siege Revival Event This time around based on the previous experience our goal is...
  2. Problem soldiers campaign

    hi i have a problem in my campaign. My men are stuck at 154 soldiers and I can't remove this limit. to defeat armies of 400 men is complicated. Do you have a solution please?
  3. RonnyJonny

    EU Native Battle Completed Announcement of a new Warband Tournament; WRT (=Warband Revival Tournament) hosted by RonnyJonny

    (Logo made by Apollo) Old Post Progression of the Tournament So as I said on my latest post, everything important is shown below: Map Pool: Closed: Verloren, San’di’boush, Legacy Town, Aldea Dumar, Fort of Honour, Mountain Fortress, Naval Outpost Open: Castellum, Desolation Valley, Reveran...
  4. ㅤDraka Zwarteㅤ

    Zwarte Koninkrijk

  5. thethingrus

    Unresolved [Mount & Blade: Warband] Multiplayer->Host a Game: "You are banned from this server" (license)

    Hello, I bought 2 keys of 'Mount & Blade: Warband' through two different Steam accounts. I'm trying to set up the multiplayer game over LAN. So, I do the following steps: 1) On the first computer: start 'Host Game'. 2) On the second computer: Join a game. We select the only server. After that...
  6. Zwarte Koninkrijk

    Zwarte Koninkrijk

    We are the Zwarte clan, formerly known as the `` Zwarte Koninkrijk '', in the EU / TR. Our goal is to have fun with a friendly atmosphere and a fine environment. Instead of a formal team, we were established to enjoy with our regular and harmonious team. ~?? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ...
  7. Feldmarschall Ben

    NW_Unofficial_EU1 - Reviving Battle

    NW Unofficial EU 1 + is the good kind of server you have lost track of + provides Battle-Experience such as we have missed from the old days of MM/NW + offers fun gameplay reworked old maps and much nostalgy + is approved by Old Nosey 2020 has made the numbers of players who enjoy Napoleonic...
  8. Emil

    NW DLC - EU Campaign - Public Event

    Interactive EU Campaign Map EU Campaign Forums
  9. DIzzyStyle

    Thoughts from M&B 1 veteran

    About my m&b experience - more than 1k hours. 2 completed runs (female and male) In M&B 2 ~ 15-20 fights with 50.2 renown realistic. Clan tier 5. Own kingdom without army (solo) etc. First of all - thanks to dev. They make a good game. Honestly there is a many things that i don't like, but in...
  10. Unresolved Overnight Training and Autosaving is not Working

    Hi guys, i a have a problem, my overnight training and autosaving isnt working in Warband, M&B 1 and mods, i dont get the messages and troops dont level up. I am not 100% sure when it started to happen, but i think it started with the mod Gekokujo. The confusing part is that it started in...
  11. jcsm130988

    LSP Modern 3D Art Kate Bishop costume

    Hello, I've made a new armor model, in this case it's Kate Bishop's costume from Hawkeye by Fraction/Aja (specifically the last issue). The model was made using some outfits from The Reckoning as a base, so credits to La Grandmaster who made the mod and Nemerius who kindly gave me permission to...
  12. sirwahdiwahdi

    WB Other I've messed around in Thorgrims and messed up my game. please help.

    I've recently been messing around with the Thorgrims map editor, and I've changed the map(Native) in the editor and now it keeps crashing my game, so i uninstalled m&b on steam and reinstalled still crashing. please someone help me haha. i vaguely know i have to change some map and game files...
  13. sirwahdiwahdi

    WB Coding Ive made a mod, but it won't show up as an option to select in the module box when i load m&b

    I've made a mod and i have it in the module folder and I've linked it up in the but when i load M&B it doesn't come up as an option to select in the module box? Any ideas?
  14. killyouready

    B Native KOF:Dimension Reduction attack--demo version

    the demo alpha 0.02 version can be download at the website below summary description: The mod named as"KOF Dimension Reduction attack" is intended to make 2d kof role to fight with 3d world 'people. i try to show that how to make a...
  15. jcsm130988

    OSP Modern 3D Art Trench Coat

    Hello, I've made a little armor model for M&B WB. I never really liked the armors from M&B, that's why I started modding. This is just a model (and texture) if you want to actually incorporate into your game I suggest using Morgh's M&B WB-WFAS Editor. I'm new to modding so don't expect it to be...
  16. RnoaK

    Что делать с ключами от Steam если мод его требует, но он уже активирован

    Что делать с модами, которые требуют ключ активации, но ключ уже активирован, ведь насколько я знаю ключ Steam можно активировать только один раз, ну и вообщем как быть ?
  17. RnoaK

    Resolved What to do with Steam keys for mods that require them

    Steam key can be activated only once. What to do with mods that require a key, but the key is already activated.? Sorry for bad english.
  18. dragonball Modding Community @M&B

    dragonball Modding Community @M&B

    Hey everyone,Mountblade Warband will become a open-world dragonball z game. Do you want to act as a super hero to fight in the air or sea even in universe.Do you want to transform into a super saiyan to fight various bosses in the dragonball z world.Do you want to collect seven dragonballs to...
  19. IVe Corps d'Armée Français | Principauté d'Antioche [FR]

    IVe Corps d'Armée Français | Principauté d'Antioche [FR]

    Qui sommes-nous ? La Principauté d'Antioche découle du IVe Corps d'Armée Français composé d'une centaine de joueurs motivés par le projet ambitieux qu'incarne Bannerlord ! En effet, nous nous sommes réunis afin de créer une structure aussi importante que sur Napoleonic Wars ! Le IVe Corps...
  20. Varangian Gaming [VG]

    Varangian Gaming [VG]

    What is Varangian Gaming? With it's origins under the name Varangian Guard, we grew from the game Mount and Blade: Warband, specifically the Persistent World module, Creating some of the most successful Clans, House Stark, North Sea Empire and the Byzantine Empire, as well as the 1st Evil...
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