mount and blade :warband

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  2. MoB_Griff

    Native Mod Siege Completed II Mount&Siege Revival Event

    Dear friends, after we've hosted a very successful event last December and based on the feedback we've gotten from people about it, decision was made to meet the demand. Thus we proudly present to you: II Mount&Siege Revival Event This time around based on the previous experience our goal is...
  3. WB 3D Art making armors/weapons size bigger & meshing stuffs

    Hi . first im new here and sorry my english isn't good i hope i posted in the right place. second , i want to make one of my fav armors bigger but it just looks very weird and scary when i increase Y-Z-X (changing scale's [Y-Z-X]) is there anyway to make it looks more smooth? and i was able...
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