morale system

  1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    With moral changes in 1.7 are moral damage perks better or worse? Tech check request

    I would like to know how moral damage is actually working now and how much the +5-10% moral damage perks are doing. Keep in mind with the ability to set yourself as captain you can have things like Heroic leader + Annoying buz/thunderous charge more easily on one captain. Previously, troops...
  2. Meedean

    Resolved Beta - Why Does Morale Drop So Fast?

    Summary: Morale drops by (2) every day for no apparent reason even while resting. There are no negative modifiers anywhere indicating why it drops so quickly, or what is affecting it and the only way to increase (albeit very slowly), is to constantly keep fighting. Morale did not seem to drop as...
  3. Is massive chain rout an actual thing in the game?

    Was besieging an Aserai city in 1.5.7 when a massive army of 2.5k Aserai troops came to relief it. What followed it was a first engagement of our armies where 300 of their troops died. I was surprised that further attacks didn't follow, they parked their army on top of a hill and then... just...
  4. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    Adding Army attrition and exhaustion, improving the morale mechanic [Suggestion]

    I believe the current morale system is a too shallow to be of much use or effect. Here I want to discuss some potential improvements. "Food" Firstly I would change that to 'rations', or supply, has a more arm-y sound to it. - Remove the penalty from lack of food variety, instead add .... - A...
  5. Explanation on factors towards influence, morale, etc.

    I recently noticed I had the influence factor "Trial by Jury". Apparently I recently did something criminal and had no idea. I am now receiving -1 influence per day for this. I am a vassal and the Southern Empire recently enacted "Sacred Majesty" policy which also gives -1 influence. I...
  6. DukeDunac

    Clan/Kingdom Banners should provide morale bonuses

    If your banner stays up, troops should be less likely to rout. If you are losing the battle and the banner falls, troops should be more likely to break, unless another soldier picks up the banner within a certain amount of time.
  7. Blyatt08

    Food should have a more dynamic effect on morale.

    So I feel like having all the types of food in your inventory should give a bit better of a boost to morale. I usually get 2 points due to having them all. Now, I don't think it should be a flat rate by any means where having each one gives you a point. But maybe something more scaling. 1-2...
  8. Surrendering Mechanic

    When a soldier (team A) is running away from the battle, if an enemy soldier (team B) gets within a certain range (for example 5 meters, but balancing that would be a thing), the soldier that was running away will stop running and surrender himself. you (as the player on team B) can still kill...
  9. Need More Info Income spike and morale bug?

    Not really sure how to describe this briefly in the subject line, so here's the long version. I noticed my workshop income, which is usually 800 a day from 4 shops, had suddenly become almost 135k a day, I hadn't been paying attention for several days so I don't know if this had been growing or...
  10. Add Sprinting, Stamina, Sleeping and Eating Features to the game.

    This is partially a physics-based game for its damage system and to me, there's just like this void of a feature which I still don't understand why it's not in the game officially. On foot, it makes no sense to not have the ability to move more quickly or to have a stamina system really at all...
  11. TheSlowKnightofNi

    Petition to remove the Morale System in Siege

    In theory the morale system is a great idea. In practice it has just been very annoying and ends matches prematurely imo. Did poeple hate the old system so much?
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