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module system

  1. Pitch

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system.

    Monitor for any changes in your code and automatically compile module system with nodemon. Perfect for development Nodemon is a development dependency that monitors for any changes in your project and automatically re-compiles your code, saving time and tedious work. Nodemon does not require...
  2. WB Coding Ranks in module_factions.py

    Does anyone know what the ranks argument does in module_factions.py or how it's structured? Using module system 1.171 Been looking through mods and I don't see any of them using it, factions.txt - I've been looking at these to know if it's being used, I might be wrong
  3. CutContent

    WB Coding Python not working for Module System

    I have in my enviroment variables the path set to where Python is "C:\Python-2.6.7" But when I run MS i get a string of errors saying 'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  4. Captain_Octavius

    Petition to release module source code for modders after the code refactor

    While I understand Taleworlds may not be very keen to support modding while the game is unfinished and in early access, the fact is that there's already a very large group of players that use mods. The most popular mods on nexusmods have well over 200k downloads. It is clear that for many...
  5. BladeofWar's


  6. mackled808

    Module System Çalışmıyor

    2-3 gecedir uğraşıyorum. Module sytemle ilgili İngilizce-Türkçe bir sürü şey okudum ve izledim ancak. Şöyle bir problemle karşılaştım ve çözüm bulamadım. https://hizliresim.com/Q18yDP Buyrun Module_İnfo: # -*- coding: cp1254 -*- # Point export_dir to the folder you will be keeping your module...
  7. Zenci Musa

    Diplomasi Moduna Kafa Kol Kesme Özelliğini Ekleme

    Kafa Kesme Modül Dosyası Arkadaşlar selamun aleyküm ben oynadığım diplomasi moduna decapitate-and-dismember modunun kafa kol kesme özelliğini eklemek istiyorum zar zor ingilizce konulardan yukarıdaki resim olarak paylaştığım dosyaları buldum.Bunlar python dosyaları onu anladım lakin bundan...
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