1. Warband enhancement mod

    It happened so that M&B is one of the few games that I can run on my current machine at reasonable frame rate. After installing Warband and playing for a couple of hours like in good old days I decided to buy a new weapon - War Hammer. It happened to be broken, and unfortunately, the latest...
  2. DetektivAro

    WB 3D Art skinning problem in blender

    I was trying to skin a model, but weight paint in blender makes the model extremly dark. I can only increase the deform, cant decrease it.
  3. BL 3D Art Cannot import .obj file into OpenBRF

    Hello! I´m very new to modding (and 3D) and have just created my first armor for Bannerlord. I exported it as an .obj file (from Blender) to import it to OpenBRF via "import static mesh". The problem is: I can´t find it in the folder i have exported it even though it searches for an .obj file...
  4. genrev0914

    BL 3D Art Diffuse2map

    Hello, I am trying to study materials and texture and I want to ask about diffuse2map, the meshes looks fine on editor when I added diffuse map and other things, in-game mode(editor launcher) they look fine too except for body armors, they kinda look yellowish and found out not having...
  5. genrev0914

    BL 3D Art Help. I Imported armor but bones are rotated.

    So I'm new to importing meshes and I'm trying to figure it out. I look at the threads related to importing mesh and the steps I did was: -Use TpacTool to export existing game armor, padded_coat_a.dae -Imported it to blender, I only change the mesh name and export into fbx -imported the fbx file...
  6. Dogmeat

    humble showcase of model work in fantasy, tribal, Trigan stuff

    working on models alot lately and was looking at the Trigan universe for some maybe magically ported bandits some of that lore involved some great amazon occult stone age tribal types - So just my 1st attempts at hybrid amazon/monster thingy look, Very early version, was actually a mistake...
  7. poo

    WB 3D Art Trying to Understand the Modelling Process

    Hello.I am a complete novice to modelling.I have read some tutorials from the forums.I think I have a general Idea of how to model. -Make Item in Blender/Wings 3D -UV map the object (break it into a few pieces kinda like a blueprint) -Texture those blueprint pieces by adding colour to them save...
  8. In Progress [NSFW] Please fix characters exposing their genitals in certain dresses

    I love this game, but the immersion was ruined several times due to this problems resulting in female characters acting whore-like. Apparently a fully naked body was rendered inside the clothes for certain dresses Therefore when I sit on my throne like a queen in my favorite dress, the Western...
  9. BL 3D Art Can we add new 3d object or model in bannerlord using blender?

    Can we add new 3d object or model in bannerlord using blender?
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