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  1. MajorRoyMcCalluster

    BL Coding Implementation of a custom-made Battering Ram - assistance needed

    Hey legends! I'm desperately seeking further information or resources regarding the implementation of a custom Battering Ram asset that I have created. I have rigged and animated the model inside of Blender, and have exported the mesh, armature and animation according to the Taleworlds...
  2. Need someone to help me with modding

    I am trying to merge two mods, but I don't know how, can anyone help me do It? Or just say which softwares to use. The mods are diplomacy 4 litdum and the other one is wardrobe, the only thing I want from wardrobe is the armor and the recruitable troops
  3. TeenBrunette

    BL 3D Art Problem importing asset on modding tools, pls help

    Hello, in the last weeks I have prolem when I use Tpac Tool and Import assets on the modding tool, it happens this: But I never change anything, I don't know if I'm the only one having this issue, and so there is a specific reason. Or someone else has the same problem and had solved it? Nothing...
  4. Ishapar

    WB Coding Help With Adding Chests

    I'm new to coding, and I have become frustrated with one particular problem. I have been doing my own mod with the Diplomacy 4.3 MRCmod and bugfixes mod as my base. One feature I would love to add to this mod are some new hidden chests in various locations (towns, bandit lairs, villages...
  5. inter17

    BL Scening QUESTION! how can i convert my scene into a GLB or GLTF files?

    hey i wanted to mod my scene a little but i dont quite know how to go about converting the files into supported files: GLB or a GLTF. if anyone can lend a hand that would be very much appreciated!
  6. Ezkia

    I need help finding "xml" files in order to make a mod

    Greetings warriors of all Calradia! I'm trying to make a simple mod for Bannerlord by editing some xml files, by now I have only done one that disables the hitmarker. Now I'm trying to edit the body collisions between characters and the only file I have found is the "monsters.xml" (inside...
  7. RavenAstra

    BL Coding Custom Kingdom Help - Keeps crashing upon making a new kingdom yet is coded properly

    I've made a custom kingdom and it works perfectly fine up to the point when I try to start a new campaign. Everything loads in properly according to my default log, aside from something from Sandbox. I haven't overridden anything from Vanilla. I can share my files and screenshots of what's going...
  8. La Grandmaster

    Suggestion Resource Browser Request for access to shader files

    At the moment I see no way to edit the shader files or postfx files for mods (or to add new ones). I have located all the files in the resource browser (and windows explorer) but have no way of accessing and editing the code for these - as they are Tpac files, and the resource browser (and the...
  9. BL Coding Is there a way to create new Behaviors from BehaviorComponent?

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a mod that aims to overhaul the battle AI currently implemented on Bannerlord. I am using Harmony and I already know what I need to do in order to change the AI during a battle. I have created my own tactics which use the behaviors already implemented by...
  10. BL 3D Art Where to start?

    Hello people! im new in the modding world, and i want to know, where should i start, i want to do Weapons And Armors only. Thanks!! and have a nice day!
  11. nightstick24

    Dynamic Listing of Workshops - like V.A.R.T.S Trade Guild

    Hey there, I'm new to modding Bannerlord and have been checking out some resources on the forum here. Back when I played previously there was a mod called VARTS Trade Guild - - that added a ton of useful information to the...
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