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  1. JustSomeDude

    How to setup your modding environment on Linux(Tutorial)

    Alright since I have been struggling to set up my PC to make mods for M&B 2 Bannerlord I'm going to compile it down into this thread so someone doesn't have to waste the same amount of time as I did. I'm using Fedora 39. SDK As you're going to use the TaleWorlds.*.dll files you're going to...
  2. Opening the modding kit with mods installed v1.2.8

    Is there a way to open the Modding Kit with mods installed? I have a bunch of errors when I launch the Modding Kit via Steam, but I do not want to uninstall them as it's quite a long list.
  3. Ishapar

    Modding Horse Archer AI

    I haven;t found any discussion on this in the forums, so might as well bring this topic up. We all know that native Warband has an issue of having horse archer units charge with heavy cavalry instead of acting like horse archer units. This gives the Khergits a disadvantage to their faction...
  4. Ishapar

    Ellipsis Marks Abound

    I have a very weird situation. I decided to try to add some tweaks in the text files to my mod found on this older link: One of the additions I added was the Fire and...
  5. Using sword model and mod it into the game to be able to smith it (willing to pay for someone to teach me how to do this)

    Hello, im very new to modding and I cant find a tutorial on how to setup the mod file to be able to mod your own weapon into the game. If anyone can help me that would be awesome thank you. I am willing to pay for someone to teach me how to do it thank you.
  6. Warband Sword placement.

    I need help, I was playing the Gekokujo mod, and I don't like how a katana is placed on my character, so I was wondering, how can I make a curve sword and it's scabbard face downwards with it's end pointing down instead of upwards. How can I make it be abit higher up my hips as well.
  7. Body mesh override problem

    Hi guys I really need help. I was trying to add a stick to teen male body as same in mod "Nude men and women". But I ended up getting all the parts of the body mixed together like a monster. (I dont know how to insert images thru links sorry) I was thinking smth went wrong maybe skeleton...
  8. Kingclonetrooper

    Need More Info General Is there a limit to the number of additional items?

    Hello, I'm modeling. Cannot add more items. With the following error, no items are added and a crash occurs on the character selection screen. First of all, I didn't count the number of items in the mod I was making, but I made more than 300 items. I don't know why the above error occurs.
  9. MajorRoyMcCalluster

    Implementation of a custom-made Battering Ram - assistance needed

    Hey legends! I'm desperately seeking further information or resources regarding the implementation of a custom Battering Ram asset that I have created. I have rigged and animated the model inside of Blender, and have exported the mesh, armature and animation according to the Taleworlds...
  10. Need someone to help me with modding

    I am trying to merge two mods, but I don't know how, can anyone help me do It? Or just say which softwares to use. The mods are diplomacy 4 litdum and the other one is wardrobe, the only thing I want from wardrobe is the armor and the recruitable troops
  11. TeenBrunette

    Problem importing asset on modding tools, pls help

    Hello, in the last weeks I have prolem when I use Tpac Tool and Import assets on the modding tool, it happens this: But I never change anything, I don't know if I'm the only one having this issue, and so there is a specific reason. Or someone else has the same problem and had solved it? Nothing...
  12. Ishapar

    Help With Adding Chests

    I'm new to coding, and I have become frustrated with one particular problem. I have been doing my own mod with the Diplomacy 4.3 MRCmod and bugfixes mod as my base. One feature I would love to add to this mod are some new hidden chests in various locations (towns, bandit lairs, villages...
  13. inter17

    QUESTION! how can i convert my scene into a GLB or GLTF files?

    hey i wanted to mod my scene a little but i dont quite know how to go about converting the files into supported files: GLB or a GLTF. if anyone can lend a hand that would be very much appreciated!
  14. Ezkia

    I need help finding "xml" files in order to make a mod

    Greetings warriors of all Calradia! I'm trying to make a simple mod for Bannerlord by editing some xml files, by now I have only done one that disables the hitmarker. Now I'm trying to edit the body collisions between characters and the only file I have found is the "monsters.xml" (inside...
  15. RavenAstra

    Custom Kingdom Help - Keeps crashing upon making a new kingdom yet is coded properly

    I've made a custom kingdom and it works perfectly fine up to the point when I try to start a new campaign. Everything loads in properly according to my default log, aside from something from Sandbox. I haven't overridden anything from Vanilla. I can share my files and screenshots of what's going...
  16. La Grandmaster

    Suggestion Resource Browser Request for access to shader files

    At the moment I see no way to edit the shader files or postfx files for mods (or to add new ones). I have located all the files in the resource browser (and windows explorer) but have no way of accessing and editing the code for these - as they are Tpac files, and the resource browser (and the...
  17. Is there a way to create new Behaviors from BehaviorComponent?

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a mod that aims to overhaul the battle AI currently implemented on Bannerlord. I am using Harmony and I already know what I need to do in order to change the AI during a battle. I have created my own tactics which use the behaviors already implemented by...
  18. Where to start?

    Hello people! im new in the modding world, and i want to know, where should i start, i want to do Weapons And Armors only. Thanks!! and have a nice day!
  19. nightstick24

    Dynamic Listing of Workshops - like V.A.R.T.S Trade Guild

    Hey there, I'm new to modding Bannerlord and have been checking out some resources on the forum here. Back when I played previously there was a mod called VARTS Trade Guild - - that added a ton of useful information to the...
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