1. How to add pants to warband (Only pants not torso)

    Hello i am having an issue importing this model m game. i want a only pant model in game but this happens
  2. Taveren

    xml vs xslt for troop override question

    A simple question (I hope) for experienced modders to answer. If I want to make a troop overhaul to include a new upgrade pathway, can I copy the existing troopline notes from the SandboxCore folder "spnpccharacters.xml" file and copy to my override folder, make the changes, and just activate...
  3. Taveren

    Variety Project

    Just sharing some overhauls of vanilla troops I made to include all available armor and weapon items, add variety to their gear loadout, and add consistent progression to gear scaling through levels of troop units. Also included many if not all of the latest added item in 1.8. I made overhauls...
  4. Suggestion Skeleton Editor Custom Skeletons

    How exactly can we add new skeletons? Dejan mentioned here that its possible, but so far nobody has found out how it works. Its nice that we can create skeletons in the editor, but can you please give us a short description of all the steps necessary to actually add a new working skeleton for...
  5. SuPF1RE

    Как создать свою модель для M&B?

    Приветствую, хочу узнать какие программы требуются для создания моделей оружия или брони для M&B. Есть ли официальный инструмент для создания? Прошерстил интернет и конкретного ответа так и не нашёл. Заранее спасибо всем кто обратил и/или уделил внимание данному вопросу.
  6. prazv

    AI recruiting custom troops

    Hello , I have a question if anyone can answer: how do I make the AI recruit modded troops , and how do I make them appear in villages and towns in Bannerlord?
  7. Modda hata mi var

    Beyler/bayanlar diplomacy 4.litdum modunu oynuyorum.Modun özelliklerinde ölunce ordundaki asker olarak devam etme ve trunuva ayarlarini degistirme secenekleride var ama bende yok.Kamptan mod ayarlarina giriyorum turnuva ayarlari yok ve savas esanisinda da ölunce başka bir askere gecemiyorum mod...
  8. Offering modding help

    Hi all, When taleworlds releases the proper tools I'd like to get into modding this game. I can program in C# and have done some modeling with 3DS max in the past. I've modded a few games in the past (xml-editing for 7 days to die, and creating a Random Map Generator for autonauts). I'd like to...
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