1. SeducingVocals

    Open to the Mod Creators and let them fix and create.

    It is time to really release the modding kits for multiplayer along with custom servers. At this point release this so you can truly take your time working on the game, and maybe using/adding mechanics or scripts that modders will create. Let them help you and us as a community. There is so...
  2. Looking for C# Programmers (Bannerlord Co-op)

    Bannerlord Co-op is actively looking for developers. If you have free time and would like to assist with the mod, you can join the discord and apply or directly message me. If you know someone that would be interested, please reach out to them. We need more developers to reach the dream of Mount...
  3. Make core game work and leave the rest to modders - TW strategy?

    Like in the title. Is it just me or is TW strategy for this game is to patch and polish the basic core functions that are implemented now and leave the making of more content to modders?
  4. RichardtheCat

    Modders Keep My Hopes Alive While TW Killing It.

    First of all, let's keep it clear I and many people know the game is in the early access stage. But it's so sad to say that what we have after 6 months is worrying me a lot. When the game first released and now how it is so far, I don't think it's 8-9 years work on it. It feels like something...
  5. RichardtheCat

    One-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Swords, How about Double Handed Swords?

    In-game we've one-handed and two-handed swords/weapons but why we are not able to use two different one-handed swords at the same time? As I know this is historically acquired as well. One-handed and two-handed weapons have their separated skill tree and perks. So, as far as I understand devs...
  6. [Request] Please allow hair tags and beard tags for characters and modders!

    Hello, I'm a mod author of a few Bannerlord mods on the Nexus. One of my greatest annoyances with the way we create troops and characters, is that we basically assign them a range of options between a min and a max. While this is convenient for randomization for some options such as facial...
  7. [UNPOPULAR OPINION] The amount of "mods" on nexus will KILL the game

    There are currently many "mods" on the nexus page. I will discuss the current state by making successive assumptions : 1) The current "mods" are not mods. They are tweaks 2) Bannerlord's true mods are and will be swarmed into the utter crap that is the mod community right now. Impossible to...
  8. Need More Info MODING MAGIC NEEDED, Or a fix

    Can someone with the modders touch or the coders touch make a way to ungrey the declar button after a kingdom is created? Either that or does someone know if there is a console command for it? I could not find online.
  9. Xaphedo

    [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    Introduction: Highlighted Prices — Concept When selling or buying trading items, the green/red highlighting of the price is now shown on the item's value. Warehouses — Concept You can now buy a warehouse in any city that's not hostile towards you, allowing you to store items for future use...
  10. Thread about modding

    I suggest that we start talking about ways to add factions, new settlements, etc... just so we can build some strong bases for the upcoming release of the official modding tools. If you have any question, tutorial or answer to provide, explain it here !
  11. [Suggestion/Mod Idea] Dripping blood trails, and Blood Pools

    Hello, The game so far has me hooked and the amount of joy I have felt playing this game is like no other! however, there is something lacking that I wish to address to Taleworlds Staff or Modders: The lack of blood. hear me out, the blood in the game so far is very satisfying when seeing the...
  12. Will there be any mods during the early access?

    Do any of you have info about this? I heard that Taleworlds is not gonna provide the modder tools until the game fully released.
  13. Bjarkan

    Modding Inspiration Thread (Brainstorm with me)

    Greetings fans of Calradia and all the other worlds that we were able to explore because of our amazing modding community. Let's brainstorm ideas for your dream mods ! Go crazy, go simple. whatever you like. Maybe somebody of the modding community gets inspired by your idea and actually...
  14. blanketParty

    FUTURE 3d Modelling for MODS

    Hello! I am looking to get into supporting modders that want to make mods for Bannerlord. I have a little knowledge of blender but im looking for someone to help me to develop my skills. My goal is to know what programs to use so that I can model characters for Bannerlord. If anything just to...
  15. blackeagle1405

    Will mods be availabe for EA?

    Since EA is getting close, and the blog scheduled for last week, tha was about the Modding topic, I thought to ask you guys about your thoughts on Mods in EA.
  16. Do you enjoy mods with big maps?

    I always wondered if I am the only one bothered by this, I do not enjoy a mod when the map is huge, they make campaigns impossible, most of the towns and cities start to look the same and it gets boring because Warband lacks mechanic to make conquering big, large maps fun. I understand some...
  17. C

    Court of Reveran

    Court of Reveran is a group of old and veteran Warband players that currently spend more time modding than playing M&B titles.
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