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  1. Suggestion Material Editor Exposure Compensation for Materials

    Hello, I'd like to formally make a request that exposure compensation be added to materials. This will be useful for all kinds of mods: 1. Sci-Fi - armors, weapons, mechs, vehicles, lightsabers, you name it 2. Fantasy - runes, weapons, armors, staves, magic bolts, you name it There are a lot...
  2. NPC99

    In Progress Scene Editor Tools crashes on saving SceneEditData terrain_ed.bin for 512x512 worldmaps with detailed materialmaps

    I'm currently working on two versions of the same 16x16 node worldmap with a 105 metre node length: 1. 512x512 single node dimensions 2. 256x256 single node dimensions They use the same height map and material maps. I have no problems with the 256x256 version, but the 512x512 version crashes...
  3. Drezavelt

    Resolved Scene Editor BUG: Black texture on Main_Map 1.5.7 & 1.5.8

    Hello there, Summary: When opening the Main_Map (modded or unmodded), either my project or the vanilla one the ground is black. I have verified the files for the base game and the mod tools and uninstalled then reinstalled for both 1.5.7 and 1.5.8. The problem persists. I have followed a fix...
  4. Lonewarrior

    Resolved General Mod tools do not launch in version 1.5.4

    When the mod tools are launched after the 1.5.4 update an error occurrs saying it cant find the launcher. I have validated steam for the mod tools and the main bannerlord game and it still does not work Here is a screenshot of the messege:
  5. Lusitani 5th Empire

    How AI Tools Help Scene Creation

    PDF: The code will be provided after siggraph Asia conference, in december with a github repository, says the author. And this is just an example, I'm sure there are plenty more tools developers and modders can use, not only for...
  6. Lonewarrior

    Resolved Scene Editor Cost for terrain has no effect on movement speed

    In the editor, changing the settings for the “cost” of terrain has no effect on the movement speed, this is under navmesh and mesh edit mode of :face I was under the impression that this would add to the movement speed, however if set to the maximum of 200, npcs and the player will try to avoid...
  7. Resolved Material Editor Materials made via mod tools display correctly if the game is launched in mod tools but not in base bannerlord

    Exactly as the title says - I've been creating helms but I've been running into the following issue: I've created a helm that has multiple material slots, and I've overridden the existing materials and renamed them, turned on skinning, then applied them to the mesh. If I load a saved game via...
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