mod tool

  1. Cant upload mod

    I created a weapon mod that works in game but I cant figure out how to upload. I tried using both of the methods listed on Anyone able to tell me what I have screwed up? For the mod tool, after clicking publish module. The...
  2. Lonewarrior

    Resolved Scene Editor Renaming town in settlements file causes game to Crash if previous used mod tools to move towns

    If you move a town in the mod tools and then try to rename it In the settlements file after you have saved the file in the mod tools, the game crashes on startup of the campaign. Is there a way to rename a town in the mod tools as there doesn’t seem to be an option?
  3. Alienpope

    Suggestion General Two suggestions about the mod tool editor.

    Been working with the tool for a while now and wow! Easy to get into and work with. Coming from other game engines I feel right at home! Well done! But everything can be improved upon :smile: Here's a two suggestions from my first impressions: 1) More customizable placement of panels/windows...
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