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  1. RodLimitless

    Bear my banner mod configuration??

    I've been using the mod bear my banner so troops will bear banners but i still cannot figure out how to customize it so that archers won't bear banners or maybe only give them to veteran troops. i've seen some youtubers highly customize this but i can't figure out how when i go to mod options...
  2. BL Coding XML Party Editing sprites not showing

    Hello! I'm currently trying to recreate the Party Screen by creating a new view model and xml file. However I'm having problems getting some widgets to show on the screen for example this: <Widget WidthSizePolicy="Fixed" HeightSizePolicy="Fixed"...
  3. ch1cken

    Resolved Mod problems

    I've downloaded some mods. And I moved them to the Modules folder. And I opened Bannerlord. But I can't see and activate my mods. Can someone help?
  4. BL Coding XML Error - adding custom items

    Hi any and all, I need some help. I am trying to add some crafted items into the game as normal items. As far as I know, I have done everything right but I keep getting an xml error crash when I load a save or start new game. I will link to my module file for review. I am using crafting pieces...
  5. PeasantOP

    BL Coding New Modder> Is there somthing wrong with my code on troop editing. Followed the examples on the web

    Took 3 days to do this please, why does it crash on campaign map start up and on custom battles? I followed the examples and samples on the web Revamp Folder> ModuleData Folder and SubModule.xml> STroops.xml> SubModule.xml File: Code: <Module> <Name value="Revamp"/> <Id...
  6. PeasantOP

    BL Coding How do you delete this forum thread, accidentally clicked solved

    How do you delete this forum thread, accidentally clicked solved
  7. DrunkenFrenchman

    Creating Elephant Mounts

    Hi, I am the author of Blood **** and Iron, a total troop overhaul which seeks to thread the line between fun gameplay and historical accuracy. I am currently working on a big minor factions overhaul and require some help since I have no experience with modelling tools like the ones available...
  8. WB 3D Art problem with sword bug, blender/openbrf

    hii people, I'm new to the whole topic of moding and especially a novice on blender, but I'm learning modeling a katana with the scabbard, the sword it works well in the game, also when it is sheathed , but when I import the vertex animation frame for base animation in openbrf, the third frame...
  9. Is there a modding discord or forum or community or something?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knew of a discord or group or something where modders can help each other out? I've seen other games where this is the case, so I was hoping there might be one for bannerlord, though I do understand that bannerlord's quite a new title!
  10. SametBlkbs

    Modlar Launcher ekranında görünmüyor

    Manuel olarak modules klosörüne attığım modlar launcher ekranında görünmüyor nexus programını indirdim orada denedım ve fix launcher modunu indirip denedim hiçbirin de görünmüyor yardım edin lütfen Edit: Tuhaf bir şekilde orj. modlar gözüküyor sadece tr çevirilmiş modlar gözükmüyor sebebini...
  11. Resolved Unable to launch game with any mods - persistent crash on launch

    Hi All, I downloaded four mods from the bannerlord mod nexus, and I extracted them to the correct modules folder. When i try to launch the game with any of them, the game crashes? Does anyone have any suggestions? Mods Xorberax’s Deadly Horse Charges ...
  12. SP Native Shattered Kingdoms - A mod that splits kingdoms into smaller ones

    Hi! This mod makes (almost) every clan in every faction become their own kingdom and go to war with each other. Every week the game rolls a die to see if a rebellion will happen within larger kingdoms. The larger the kingdom, the more likely a rebellion will strike. It's available on Nexus I...
  13. Unresolved Can't install any new mods since 1.1.0 update

    Hi, since the update of 1.1.0 I am unable to install any new mods, I figured this out due to the fact that I installed the recruiter mod after the update came out, after a while of wondering why my game was crashing on the initial loading screen, I realised that it was this mod. I have tested...
  14. BL Coding Could someone help me track down which mod might cause this error?

    Hey all! Normally wold just check the mods turning them on and off to find the culprit, but this error happens only after a few hours in a new game, but happens consistently afterwards, whenever a new day's cashflow is counted. List of mods are: Any and all help is appriciated
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