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mod crash

  1. bewok

    Game crash after putting some mods

    Guys, please help me. My game keeps crashing every time I start the game. It happened right after I put some mods on it. I have already tried everything I found on this forum to solve the problem including unblock all of .dll files and sort the mod correctly. So, please help me to solve this...
  2. WB 3D Art Need help with correcting textures transferred from Iron Europe to Between Empires

    Hi all! I guess many of you, seasoned players, are already well acquainted with these 2 mods. Iron Europe happens to have a very beautiful German great coat (G15) that I wish to take into Between Empires. I am familiar with the process of shifting models into a new mod, but this time it...
  3. Cornelis

    BL Other Mod Load Order

    Hey i have no idea how mod load order works think it may be causing the crashes i have Would someone please help tell me if this is correct Current Mod Load Order Harmony Native Sandbox Core StoryMode CustomBattle AdonnaysTroopChanger Realistic Battle AI Module Realistic Battle AI Mod...
  4. Help with Better Player Kingdoms Mod

    Better Player kingdoms mod everything in this mod works fine except for when i try to create a new vassal with shift click on gift fief. idk how to put the betterExceptionWindow crash report here so ill just copy paste if anything else is needed for you guys to help me just post and ill try to...
  5. GölgemenTV

    Warband mod help

    Merhaba ! Bir mod yapmaya karar verdim ve Morgh's adlı programdan bir karakter oluşturdum " Svadyalı kara şövalye" ordan işte zırhtır yetenektir ayarladım kaydettim orda bana verdiği kodu "Tamamen" kopyalayıp modun troops'una en aşağı kısma bırakıp en üstteki sayıya 1 ekledim yani 2 ise 3 oldu...
  6. PeasantOP

    Resolved General Modding My Own Troop Tree xml, crash only on party screen!?

    Everything from field battles, world map and encyclopedia are fine but the party screen when clicking on one of the edited troop units it crashes?
  7. BL Other Problem with Loading Mods.

    Hello, anyone know why i cant load mods? There is always a crash code. You are loading an unverified code from: ModName i already unblocked the dll. anyone know what i need to do?
  8. Problem with loading Mods!

    Hello, i have a problem with loading mods. everytime when i load mods there is a crash where says: You are loading an unverified code from: ModName i have already unblocked the dll.
  9. Resolved A lot of mods doesn’t work anymore on this update

    After switching from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 beta it’s been crashing so I disable all the mods and it’s fine again, so I found out it’s mods that’s leading the game to crash
  10. AlperenAktulun

    Need More Info Modlar Oyunu Bozdu

    Modlar Oyunu bozdu Yardım Edecek Varmı? Yükledim Modlar Herkesin Yükledi Modardı Bir sıkıntı Olmasını Beklemiyordum Ama Yanlışıklı Yanlış Dosyalara Atdım Bozulma Oldu Oyunu 2 Ay Veya 3 Ay Boyunca Dözetemedim Sonra Destek İstedim Onuda Bana Destek Çıkaçak Birileri Varmı? Yardımınız İçin...
  11. Need More Info Game crash a minute or two into playing on the world map.

    As the title infers, the game had been constantly crashing since the last update after a minute or two into playing, on the world map. At first I thought it might be crashing cause I was sieging (id get my camp set up every time, a ram set up usually, and a catapult sometimes before it crashed)...
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