mission crash

  1. Resolved Escort the caravan invisible enemy

    Hi i was making the escort the caravan and defeated a "Chief" raid and i left no survivors and then it comes out runing with 0 (zero) troops and when i catch them the game crashes
  2. Resolved Crash when in conversation with Aragoz to complete the mission "Assemble the Dragon Banner"

    So I started a new campagn in the patches 1.4 point something.... after the update 1.5 i just reached the point where i had collected all Dragon Banner pieces and i had to return to either Arzagos or Istiana. Unfortunately Istiana was dead by that time but Aragoz was alive, so i decided to go...
  3. segroeg

    Resolved CRASHING on "recue your family" Quest

    Summary: When i click on Attack, i enter in the scene with my troops and then the game crashes. How to Reproduce: When i join in the SCENE; Scene Name (if related): recue your family Media (Screenshots & Video): https://ibb.co/5nSJ4sV , https://ibb.co/bzcWQsR Computer Specs: OS: WIN 10 64 Bit...
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