1. snuggans

    Please reconsider Serfdom policy

    can you please change the negative effect of Serfdom from -1 Militia to something else? literally anything else. and also remove -1 Militia from any other policy, it's just too debilitating to garrisons everywhere, it's contributing to fiefs frequently changing hands and making sieges...
  2. In Progress Enemy militia will not be reduced when under siege and without food

    Hello, the information is as follows: Summary: Right now I'm trying to do a run where I conquer a city (or cities) without either joining or creating a kingdom. The main difficulty presented is that, without a kingdom, I can't create armies, so I'm usually limited to whatever number of units my...
  3. Resolved Castle militia not joining siege

    Summary: When sieging castles (presumably with low loyalty), militia does not join the battle. Rebellion mechanics are supposed to affect only towns How to Reproduce: Siege a castle with (presumably) low loyalty Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): N/A Computer...
  4. Andreypride

    In Progress Bug with prisoners?

    If a village or city makes a sortie, then prisoners appear at the garrison and the militia and do not disappear, although they are absent in the prison. - After siege sortie...
  5. Andreypride

    Resolved Policies "Charter of liberties" broken?

    I don't see a 10% increase to the militia. This is broken? Maybe I'm not looking there? Or is it just me?
  6. Fenix202

    Militia Commander

    I really want to see a new notable in the castles and towns. The militia Commander, they would offer quests dealing with town security (gang issues, bandit "armies", ect.) They could offer unique rewards like special cultural weapons and armor or special faction troops (Battanian highborn for...
  7. LyonExodus

    In Progress Reposting Of 1.5.9. Beta Milita and Gate Bug

    Summary: Original Post 1: Original Post 2: How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  8. LyonExodus

    1.5.9. Beta Milita Not Fighting Bug

    The 1.5.9. is a stable one for sure but some problems are still present as expected in a beta. Many of those problems were encountered during Sieges. not only related to AI. We all know sieges are far from perfect but it's worrying when things, for some reason, get worse ending up in breaking...
  9. Resolved Militia Not Showing in Siege Panel

    See screenshot During siege attack, the troop panel is showing Garrison, but not the 350+ Militia
  10. TheWesterlander

    Village Militia

    The village militia is supposed to protect the village and it's villagers. Why militia don't accompany villagers when they go out cities for trading? Protect them against bandit attacks? Example 20 - Peasants 10 - Village Militia
  11. More extensive ways to improve Castle/Villages

    Merged with previously somewhat active "Castle Scene Immersion" thread by Ragratt, his OP starts here I would love to have more possibilities to improve my settlements. They could be cost a lot of gold and time, but it would be nice. First of all the should be more ways to improve the food...
  12. Bannerman Man

    [Feedback] Villages need a base rate to militia growth so they don't end up defenseless after many consecutive raids

    Currently, the way the game calculates the militia capacity and militia growth rate for a village is decided through a percentage of total number of hearths subtracted by the "Retirement" rate which is just a percentage of overall militia numbers. The breakdown of modifiers on the militia...
  13. Get those lazy militiamen to do some work!

    Would be nice (and very helpful in containment of bandit activity, which I sincerely hope will see overhaul to be much more impactful and varied!) to see those passive "militia" numbers for any settlement to actually form up into relatively small patrol groups (15-20) and actively attempt to...
  14. Resolved Militia count never go down even when city starving and even when it says -2 to militia change.

    It's in the title. I had issues with the economic model of the game, my town Epicrotea gain militia and prosperity again and again even when the food change is negative until finally it start starving. So i checked things a bit and even when the prosperity goes massively down and when the...
  15. dreamerzzz

    Kalede ki Milisler

    Merhaba, e.1.4.0 beta güncellemesinden sonra kalede iki bin ve üzeri milis görmeye başladım. Neredeyse bütün kaleler böyle. Bu genel bir sorun mu?
  16. kreamy

    Kreamys Real Warfare Suggestions -> Game concepts, | Faction Goods |, Economy, Infrastructure, Recruiting & Policies

    Current as of May 1, 2020. Draft 0.1.1 (Framework laid, WIP) Recently updates/additions Please comment constructively so I can incorporate your suggestions to this list. Feel free to quote and restructure/edit a portion in a quoted spoiler-> please color your changes edits & formats, and...
  17. SP Native Militia tree + Armed Trader + Caravan Guard upgrade tree

    Download here (Nexus Mods) Quick and dirty xml fix to connect the troop tree, allowing peasants to upgrade to militia spearmen/archer->armed trader->caravan guards. Fix for mercenary guard loadout (added bolt/spear alternate set). Added 70 ranged skill to Armed Traders (was 0 before, 90 to...
  18. Banditry a little too uncontrollable, Militia as potential fix

    Good evening, Okay so, from playing this game for a fair bit, I notice that starting from day 300 or so, bandit parties start to get out of hand... Bandit lairs remain pretty much permanent unless if the player interferes, which, I am not sure about you, but I have better things to do than...
  19. Cities and Castle Management and Specialisation.

    So, I will start with saying that I absolutely love the new Bannerlord and I have to say that this game satisfies a very strange niche in gaming genre. Which was left unattended for a very long time but the glorious times are back. Getting to the suggestion I think that settlements require more...
  20. Need More Info Militia and Caravan Guard lines missing upgrades

    I assume the militia spearmen/archers are supposed to upgrade to veteran militia, and armed trader -> caravan guard -> veteran caravan guard For the major factions none of these are upgradeable or connected (in encyclopedia) except by their name.
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