1. five bucks

    Minister in Lord's Hall: A remote communication system to reduce frustration!

    The most frustrating thing about playing as a ruler is you can't send messages, or have people come visit you, like a king could in real life. Instead you have to travel yourself to the location of anyone you want to talk to, and you don't even know where they actually are, which can mean a lot...
  2. nereid

    In Progress [1.8.0] Change wording for vassalage offer

    The newly implemented vassalage offer is strangely phrased: Maybe change the text from " a vassal of the Caladog." to " a vassal of the Battanians.". That would express the message a little bit better.
  3. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] No feedback message for Fire at Will command

    Using the new radial command interface to toggle from "Hold Fire" to "Fire at Will" will not print a feedback message in the chat box.
  4. EvZone

    BL Coding Trying to show messages for debugging, not sure my patched routine is being called

    Hello, Using Harmony, I'm trying to patch CustomBattleMoraleModel.GetImportance() (for kicks, mostly) which checks if the killed agent is the team's general. In that case, I put a to try and check if the function is called. However this doesn't show anything, as far as I can tell. In...
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