1. Thrangor88

    When will the mercenary unit tree be revised or improve their presence in the taverns?

    I like to hire a lot of tavern mercenaries, but I find the units a bit weak and poorly equipped. Base unit is tier 2, but does not have a shield like tier 2 faction units. Why? It would be necessary to have a variant with an Arc. As well as increase the probability of meeting with tier 2 or use...
  2. Warband Türkiye 2v2 Piyade Turnuvası
  3. B

    Balionic Soldiers of Fortune

    We hail from the distant land of Balion. We came to Calradia long ago to seek fortune, then we started working as Mercenaries for the many warring Kingdoms and Empires. (filler, more detailed description will be added later) we're bad players willing to make a living fighting for anyone we can
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