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  1. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    INT character woes, 1 week re-roll blues, character build discussions, Engineering, Medicine.

    Made new character of course for 1.7, made a cunning/INT build as I always feel I would like to use the MC for the INT roles, however after a week of it I feel I would in fact rather have had other stuff instead. This happens every time, when I make a Soc build I think I would rather have INT...
  2. Lvl 200 Medicine Perk "Physician of People"

    Surely having to get to level 200 in a perk should be more rewarding, 3/4 perk selection is for governers, that's fine, those perks give good bonuses for settlements. But the main problem is that the one that the player/surgeon could use is for a 30% chance of fatal wound recovery of T1/2...
  3. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    How is Medicine going for you? My INT character got 123 Medicine at day 287.

    The removal of the "main level reduces all skill learning" has been a big help for all skills, however I feel Medicine is still a bit slow and awkward to raise up. Getting to 123 is a good milestone for me because this exceeds the starting medicine of the aserai surgeon wanderers. Though you're...
  4. Wounded Soldiers are dying

    When in the combat scenario, i have 40 listed wounded soldiers and 9 dead ones. after battle ends and am on map, in this case during a siege, all the wounded souldiers are now dead as well. Is there a possible cause or fix for this happening?
  5. Do medicine levels/perks work across an army?

    I’ve noticed that my companions who lead parties within my army gain points in medicine as their soldiers are injured- great, they get experience! There’s a noticeable difference when leading just one party in having even a basic surgeon with 80 skill points. Far fewer deaths overall in battle...
  6. Medic position in fiefs, Tweak of death rate and Medicine Skill tree related quest

    This is going to be a long suggestion post with a few related suggestions. I leave here the main points: Introduce a medic position in towns or castles. This introduces a new option “Treat Wounds” that it allows you to hire a medic meanwhile in the town or castle and a pay doctor fee to boost...
  7. Likbjorn

    Resolved [1.4.3] "In settlement" healing rate bonus does not apply in villages

    Summary: If you check healing rate while visiting a village, you will see "+10" healing rate bonus. However, when you "Wait for some time" in the village, you can see that the bonus is not present anymore. Although the bonus is present while waiting in towns. Nor bonus for troops is present...
  8. IndexTM

    Schwierigkeitsgrad, Auto Allocate Member Perks, Skills, Clan Kosten, Cohesion, Stop Conspiracy und Istiana's Plan

    Ich habe 6 Themen, die mich stören und wo ich wissen wollte, ob es da Abhilfe gibt oder wer Tipps hat? 1) Dass man im Spiel nicht mehr die Schwierigkeit verändern kann. Mir ist das alles zu einfach in den Schlachten 2) Ich nicht mehr weiß, ob ich die "Automatische Attributsverteilung für...
  9. Medicine: Doctors Oath

    Doctors Oath: "Medicine recovery chance applies to enemies too." What does this mean and why would I pick it?
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