1. Matchmaking and team balance via rank or similar

    Multiplayer does not feel good to play when one team has majority rank 100 players who have practiced for hours and the opposing team is full of people who have just launched multiplayer for the first time. It is frustrating for the new players and boring for the old. I think a balance feature...
  2. tulduru

    MP MULTIPLAYER: penalty for leaving game; matchmaking

    any kind of penalty for leaving a multiplayer game would be nice! also some kind of matchmaking. maybe depending on played or won games! thank you! awesome game!
  3. toxidom

    Is matchmaking good for Bannerlord?

    I feel like i prefer the server based approach to things. Much like Warband you might say. But I feel like matchmaking always takes more from a game than it gives. I dont have a strong argument here in any way its more so just my opinion. What do you think?
  4. Resolved Cannot find a match in multiplayer in any game mode when in group.

    My 3 friends and I just waited 45 minutes and could not find a match when searching for captain, skirmish, and siege simultaneously. We tried many things (which we didn't expect to work but just did for the heck of it) such as switching up who is hosting, restarting the game, selecting only one...
  5. senatauro

    MP Matchmaking servers for SA region

    Hello everyone I come here to ask for a server for the SA (South America) region so we can fight in the MP without delay or lag. Right now we play with 150+ ping that make it very hard to play the game and make the fight against people with 30 ping very unfair. Can we please get a SA matchmaking...
  6. ratdat

    Captain Mode'un Kapalı Seçim Mekanizması

    Öncelikle İyi Forumlar, Bannerlord'un şu haliyle dahi çok sevilmiş olan Captain Mode'undaki bazı sıkıntılardan ve olası çözümlerinden bahsetmek istiyorum. Öncelikle birçok oyuncunun da rahatsız olduğu, önceden eşleştirilmiş Krallıklar (faction) sisteminin çok rastgele bir şans faktörü...
  7. Falrock

    SP - General Singleplayer/Multiplayer suggestions & critique

    Don't need much improvement Graphics - Graphics are vastly improved in this game, I think they look great. The animations are pretty natural looking most of the time in oppose to Warband. Only critique I would have about the graphics is that a lot of the NPCs are bog-eyed nightmare creatures...
  8. Nwoym

    Russian Far East Matchmaking

    Loving the game so far, just wonder if there were any plans for Eastern part of Russian Federation servers for matchmaking? All servers from my place have minimum 166ms on Europe, on Asia 250ms. Can't play with this pings, please make official servers or give us alternative solution. I live...
  9. Resolved Latency issue since release (East Asia)

    Hey, I was playing during the beta for the last 2 weeks on the East Asia servers, and was getting 50 ping (seemingly singapore) from Perth Western Australia. Now at release I can only get 130ms ping, and cant play matchmaking with my clan. I was just wondering if there has been any changes to...
  10. Matchmaking not quick enough!

    500 players like myself are waiting to play captain mode at this moment. I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes. Can a dev explain why this is taking so long? There is no shortage of players to match with, clearly. I’d also like some indication of estimated wait time based on available players and...
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