1. Matim

    Matchmaking mmr needs to be fixed

    Summary: Well explained in this thread by troechka but was posted in multiplayer board and not fixed. You can also check out my stats Matim#6816 since I topscore for my team every other match, my win/loss is...
  2. Resolved Captains Game mode still failling

    Summary:we can not join during warm ups as we use to making only possible to play 2v2 games Even when are more people searching for a game How to Reproduce:Try searching for a game on any server Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. NA Native Captain Open Captains xbox tournament

    If the devs give us their blessing, and fix the servers before the 30th, we are going to celebrate our first captains tournament on Xbox and PC gamepass on march 30th, Here are the teams by now: 1. The Order of the Cross 2. iNut 3. Celestial Crusaders 4. Deadliest Warriors 5. 1st Company 6...
  4. perfect_Prefect

    Matchmaking: suggestion to add opportunity to change the team IN CASE of quantitative imbalance 💔

    Half of the matches are played in the 6 vs 3 format (or like that) due to the fact that some players systematically leave after the first round🐷🐵🦐. Opportunity to change teams will improve the MM experience at least a little.
  5. Afrail

    matchmaking system is looks like dead

    Queue until 30 min, i ask to TaleWorlds; any work in progress about that?
  6. Matim

    [MATCHMAKING] People dodging games all time + ranks don't mean anything

    Hello So far after the last patch matchmaking is still kind of alive but without a few simple fixes it will die very soon. User experience is as follows: search for a game, on average have to do it 3 times since people dodge without any punishment when they feel they will lose or for whatever...
  7. Resolved Won the match but got demoted and forbidden from matchmaking for a couple of minutes.

    Summary: Won the match but got demoted and forbidden from matchmaking for a couple of minutes. How to Reproduce:idk Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  8. Zeozzz

    Fix matchmaking!

    Fix matchmaking! It's been impossible to play and earn gold for customisation for a year now. People are just not there.
  9. Mexicano the Mountain

    Can you fix Multiplayer already?

    I'm a huge fan of this game, in particular the Multiplayer version of it (6,336 hours on record) over 95% of which is from Multiplayer. The ranked system you implemented back in patch 1.7.2 (around the time that NIN3 left the company) simply DOES NOT WORK. We haven't been able to play on the...
  10. Bullero


    It's really funny how matchmaking is still useless even after "Full release" It's just constant draw in captain mode if commands are not full after warmup. Why TW trying to kill matchmaking of captain mode, it was alive and really fun untill ability with friends in one team was disabled, and...
  11. zorkeN

    [OPEN] Bannerlord matchmaking by HINQ

    Hello, If you haven't heard, HINQ have developed new automatic mmr-based bannerlord matchmaking system and now u can be joining to participate. We are currently finishing up with all the systems and making sure everything works automatically and without bugs. I am writing this to inform you...
  12. Einarcf

    MP Enable matchmaking to include multiple regions

    Simple. Somtimes late in EU, game might have died. NA might have started. I can handle both NA East and Europe ping, I just want to get a skirmish game going as fast as possibe. Thus, if I could search in multiple regions at once, I would increase the likelihood of me finding a game. You can...
  13. Pacemaker

    Abuse of the votekicking system needs serious attention

    As anyone who's recently played public games might have noticed, the abuse of votekicking has gotten out of hand. Certain clans and/or groups of people have made it a habit of using votekicks to improve their chances of winning as well as getting rid of anyone they have personal issues with...
  14. Einarcf

    MP Show total amount of people in matchmaking games

    Add ability to see how many are in matchmaking games with your current searching criteria. Combine it with ability to see estimated wait time as well. Could entice people to stay longer searching.
  15. MP Match making should prioritize group vs group and random vs random for best overall player experience

    A lot and I mean a lot of rounds are random players on one side vs. mainly grouped players on the other more so in skirmish then captain but the problem is in both. I do believe a simple solution would be to match make grouped players by size so if there is a group of 3 players it should try to...
  16. Tork789

    Matchmaking balancing question

    If I'm correct the current native version 1.4.3 includes balancing teams after arranging a match. But I've noticed it doesn't seem to affect the stacks, since they are kept in the same team regardless. Is that an intended behaviour? If yes, then wouldn't it make sense to separate the stacks or...
  17. The Sign of 33

    MP The improvements which are vitally needed for Multiplayer

    Bold texts to save time for those who wants to skip the context. My primary focus was Singleplayer like most of the M&B fans within the first month of EA launch but as I observed the development for singleplayer was much slower than I expected, I found myself playing multiplayer (first skirmish...
  18. Matchmaking for Skirmish Mode is a Mess

    The way the teams are balanced in skirmishes is so bad that I haven't had a close game in three weeks, It's either been a 3-0 win or a 3-0 loss. This is driving away newer players from skirmish. How are the teams actually picked at the moment? Seems like a roll of the dice. Wouldn't it make much...
  19. TheBard

    Matchmaking Discord for Skirmish

    URGENT: Devs might roll out 1.3, which is currently beta. With the changes which will come with 1.3 this project will die even before it started. With all due respect, this is not the right way to implement changes to an already difficult multiplayer experience. Please consider signing this...
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