1. Need More Info No option to marry (missing dialogue)

    Hello, I have a pretty game breaking bug, considering the permadeath feature. I play as a female character and no matter which lord I talk to, there is no option to marry them - the dialogue simply doesn't exist. Before you ask: Yes, I checked beforehand that they have no spouse. It's pretty...
  2. Wife gets pregnant every time I visit

    Title pretty much says it all. Its frustrating because i wanted to travel with her in the party, but don't want a swarm of children... yet. Has anyone had a similar issue?
  3. Adoption

    Maybe adding an option to adopt children/teens for characters that follow a mercenary style playthrough and don't want to settle down or marry. These Children could be found by searching raided places for example or after you yourself raided a Village.
  4. Is it even possible to get a second chance at marriage ?

    Just answer the question
  5. How many children is too much? (Bug?)

    So In my bannerlord playthrough, I wanted to try to get a legacy started immediately, and knowing it's in early access I didn't know what to expect. So I married Ira and she joined my party. Eventually we had a child, which is awesome, but then we had another, and another, and another.....guys I...
  6. Evlenmek

    Kadının rızasını almak için aile büyüğüne gittiğimde trade ekranı çıktı ona ne sunmam gerekiyor evlenebilmek için?
  7. deathsbman

    Need More Info Bugged polygamous marriage between me, my brother, our (ex)wife (and my brother again?)

    When gaining permission to marry someone from the head of their clan, it marries both my character (Justinian) and my brother (Nathanos) to the same woman. This leads to the woman becoming my spouse, then marrying my brother, immediately making her my ex spose. This was repeatable on this...
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