1. Lucian was right

    Hitch up your brother Quest

    So in part to also acclimate the player to the ideas of marriage, along with the concepts of dowry there should be a quest to get your brother (frankly it should be an option for him to be female) to a spouse. You should have to find a available spouse and then begin the process of contract with...
  2. ZavodilaSauklus

    Make Bannerlord Great. Part 3: Clan, marriage and parenting; Espionage and intrigue; Diplomacy and domestic politics.

    Clan, marriage and parenting 50)The ability to create a vassal clan and dynasty. A dynasty is a union of several clans. Accordingly, as soon as we create a vassal clan, a dynasty is immediately created. Vassal clan. We can send our vassal clan to serve in another kingdom or make them...
  3. Lucius Confucius

    How does marriage for your children work?

    I got some children I want to have married. If I have them married, will they stay in my clan? Will I get the spouse into my clan? I tried to have my daughter married, I went to the clan leader of another clan and spoke to him about alliance through marriage. He had a suitable candidate that I...
  4. AlyssaImagine

    Feasts, Parties, and More Interaction

    Now, I love fighting in Mount and Blade games. Winning a war is great! However, sometimes it gets to be too much and I want to just sit back and relax and enjoy peace time. Unfortunately, quests, bandit fights, tournaments, trading goods, and crafting gear is all there is to so aside from...
  5. No baby after 5 in game years of marriage

    Basically what the title says, my character is now 44 years old, the spouse is 24 years old and still no baby, I keep her in my party. Any idea what the issue might be?
  6. What are you doing guys? Every patch contains more and more errors

    sorry for posting this, but what are you doing? It is several months released as early access and each patch contains ****load of new errors. I had three crashes in past 20 minutes, just in dialogues which worked before - when trying to solve quest Company of trouble, after two successes...
  7. Resolved Crash - marriage conversation questions while in army

    Summary: How to Reproduce: 1: Be part of an army moving forth 2: Start conversation with an army party leader of opposite gender 3: Go through the "significant other" / marriage questions of him (not sure if it matters but my character is female) 4: Complete the questions (with success, or...
  8. Apocal

    Spouse's culture bonus applied to our character?

    I married a Khuzait woman. I wanna go fast. I'm not greedy. Just give me half.
  9. LordOfAll

    Love and Marriage: A Humane Approach

    I would suggest a game mechanic to improve the seeking of a spouse and the marriage procedures in the game .. without upsetting the existing system. (1) In the Encyclopedia when looking up an NPC's 'Status' place another box labeled 'Single' .... [Alive] [Dead] [Single]. Easy to look for...
  10. Upper age limit to having children?

    My spouse is 40, and my character is 49. We already had one child, but it was a girl, so was hoping to father some boys before it's too late. Anyone know if my wife still fertile (lol)? Or will I have to go all Henry the VIII on her?
  11. Resolved [1.4.1] Children Marriage Problems

    Even though the map was taken over by my faction 6 years ago, I stayed to actually see my kids (it's so wrong they only appear when they hit 18 ). I wanted to arrange good alliances for the future of my family through marriages. Problem 1: Turns out, by the time the kids hit 18 (about 19-20...
  12. hsngrms

    SP Native Start Campaign Married

    Summary: Start campaign married with beatiful Ashley or edit files to your desire to start with married whoever you want by your side. (you can change to male) DOWNLOAD PAGE (NEXUS MODS) This is the mod which allows you to start campaign married with beatiful Ashley. OR you can edit files to...
  13. kopus

    Marriage Age Limit

    So I've figured out that females have an age limit or 35 to get married, but what about males? Also, is there a separate age limit for child-bearing?
  14. Better Marriage Interactions needed

    Hope I am not alone in wishing for a more detailed marriage scenario in a future update? The mechanic of having children and growing old and then passing on your "game inheritance" to a son or daughter is one of the aspects of this game I was and am really excited for. I just hope that more...
  15. Better Marriage

    Pretty sure I am not alone in hoping and wishing for a more fleshed out marriage scenario in future. The mechanic of having children and growing old and then passing on your "game inheritance" to a son or daughter is one of the aspects of this game I was really excited for. I just hope that...
  16. Help, my wife is out of control!

    I was able to marry a vassal of the Western Empire, but she will not join my party. Further, she keeps making raiding parties, getting captured, and thrown in enemy dungeons. She needs to come home so that she can start making babies. Help!
  17. Issue having children

    During my play through I got married to Phaea. I intended to continue my clan’s legacy by having children but it seems that I can’t have any. My character has been married for about 3 years now, and I always carry my spouse in my party. I haven’t seen any proper solution so I hoped to get some...
  18. Is Rhagaea marriable in the late game?

    I know the player can't marry Rhagaea when she is empress in the early game. But in my game play I've defeated the empire and Rhagaea is now only a clan leader instead of empress. Does that mean she is now marriable? Or she is single but not available because she's still leader of a clan?
  19. The option to discuss marrying Esur is missing when playing as a female and talking to Mesui if you've done the first date with other boys

    Summary: Despite succeeding both persuasion-check dates with Esur and being told to go talk to his mother, Mesui, there is no option to ask for her permission to marry her son when speaking with Mesui. How to reproduce: First I offered my hand in marriage to Nayantai, Mesui's younger son. I...
  20. The ever-present marriage issue

    Hello everyone! I'm currently on my 72nd hour of gameplay, on my second campaign. I had to abandon the first 30ish hours run because of the infamous 10 year limit on the main quest (yey). Now I'm having another campaign threatening problem: I can't seem to marry. My character is 42 by now, and...
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